Window painting
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Window painting

Window painting

Old windows desperately need your help. Before starting work, to make it easier to maintain cleanliness in the house, lay paper on the floor. To work, you will need a metal brush, a large and small, grinding blog with sandpaper, a spatula, a sealant gun, a knife, masking tape, a wide spatula, a scraper for windows, one small round brush and two ordinary brushes and two ordinary. During repair work, the manufacture of brackets that perform the fastening functions is useful.

Make sure that the wood of old window frames is not too wet for this can be bought in a construction store of a moisture meter. The device must be at the level of 14% and exactly no more than 17%. Check if you need to smear the windows before painting. If the putty begins to exfoliate it must be replaced. For ease of work in non -accessible places with small surfaces, use a small scraper.

Thoroughly remove the exfolved old paint and putty from window frames. Clean the emphasized surfaces, trying not to scratch the glass with a metal brush. Remove the remaining paint from the glass with a window scraper. To avoid scratches, soak the glass with water. Pull the frames with sandpaper. Cover metal parts with anti -corrosion paint. Cover the fumbled wood with soil oil. Make sure that the putty is also covered with oil. Bright the frames.

The primer is applied, straight to the humid layer of oil, while also follow the instructions on the package. Wait until the layer dries. Cut the nose of the cartridge at an angle of 45 degrees and apply a putty as follows. Remove the excess putty with a knife. Switch the seams with your wet finger and rub the remains. Carefully fill all the cracks in the wood. For external work, use masking tape. Stick it no closer than a millimeter from putting. Follow the instructions carefully so as not to cover the glass. Apply the paint abundantly, but avoid drops of drops on glass. For convenience, you can use a wide spatula. Complete painting and give the paint to dry in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. When the first layer dries, you can apply the second. Do not leave the painting tape on the windows remove it immediately after the end of the work. Replace rusty metal elements, the window will look like new for many years.

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