Why and who needs roller shutters
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Why and who needs roller shutters

Why and who needs roller shutters

Rogstavni (from English. Roll, that is, the video plus Russian “shutters”) is the protection of the premises from the hacking. In essence, the roller shutters are metal shutters. Roller shutters in reliability are not inferior to metal doors and window grilles.

Most often, roller shutters are installed by residents of the first floors and owners of small street stores. Когда рольставни опущены – они полностью закрывают оконный или дверной проем и снаружи их уже не открыть, если это не предусмотрено конструкцией. The roller shutters on the windows do not constructively differ from those roller stories that are installed on the door, and only their dimensions and width vary.

Even a child will be able to manage roller. As a rule, they are closed with a pen that is located indoors or using an electronic control system. Often roller shutters are also equipped with strong external locks. The company Master of the Company, when it consultes to its customers, assures them that external locks on roller shutters will definitely not be superfluous when installing them on shops, street stalls, offices located on the ground floor of buildings, and in apartments this precaution may be unnecessary, since it will add troubles with the opening of these castles.

Roller shutters are not only protection against hacking and penetrating strangers into your territory, but also protection against cold weather and frost. The fact is that the rolls (videos, in Russian) are equipped with a special insulation from the inside. Up to 20% heat remain in the room with lowered shutters, which, you see, is very good in winter. In the same way, this layer will help to preserve the coolness in the hot season.

In addition to all of the above roller shutters, they give the appearance of the store or at home a rather neat and aesthetic appearance.

As for the methods of installing rogue, the most commonly used of them is a hidden method in which the roller shutters themselves are outside, and the place where they turn off is hidden inside. As a rule, with this method of installation, twisted roller shutters are stored in the upper part of the window or doorway.

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