We make repairs in the apartment
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We make repairs in the apartment

We make repairs in the apartment

Almost each of us had to deal with the repair of our housing. And it would seem much easier: until the moment as to carry out a ten -post, upon an ad or recommendation of acquaintances, you need to find masters, purchase materials and control work. Fortunately, there are plenty of goods in the modern market and goods and services, you do not need to make repairs independently from what “got” as Soviet times.

In the modern world, repairs are a kind of business with many subtleties and nuances.

A number of modern Western companies are developing measures to organize such a business, in Russia it is only a few firms in Russia. The rest in the “authorities” of small companies and individuals engaged in the repair of housing.

Hence a number of problems from the side of the customer and on the part of the service provider. This may not be a high -quality performance of work and the problem of paying for the work done. It is the absence of clear criteria and repair and finishing work that lead to a conflict between the customer and the contractor.

And if you still manage to agree on the customer and the contractor at the beginning of the way, then at the end of the repair a disappointment of both sides appears at the end of the repair. Neither a change in the layout, nor new wallpaper you have chosen will not block quality work. And the contractors, as the main actors of your repair “Roman”, will understand that they could not cope with their role.

It is this reality that requires certain parameters and criteria. And an important aspect is precisely the quality. And yet high -quality repair: myth or reality?

Is there a unit of quality measurement? At the beginning of his work, both the customer and the contractor need to turn to a number of indicators and norms of SNiP (special attention should be paid to finishing work) . This will help you in the repair of your home with the theoretical, and the contractor from the practical side. In Western countries, such a business has long been practicing this, although in Russia and although more stringent NRUP norms, in most cases they do not pay attention to this at all.

One of the important rules of the modern economy reads “Demand gives birth to a proposal”, we will add that it is “competent demand”. And get ready to repair in advance, study the norms of production of the material and the requirements for finishing work. Fortunately, modern means of information allow you to do this in full.

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