Water leakage sensor in the house
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Water leakage sensor in the house

Water leakage sensor in the house

Not so long ago, the work of the Smart House system more like shots from the film about the future: lighting, which is lit from cotton, heating system “Warm Paul”, blinds and curtains that open and closed on the voice command, programmable heat supply and power supply, remote control of all engineering systems at home. Now few people will surprise such “miracles”, many houses are installed in video surveillance cameras, access control sensors, water leakage sensors, motion sensors.

Water leakage sensor: principle of operation

Unfortunately, about the impeccable work of absolutely all engineering systems and communications in the house, one can only dream. However, the installation of all kinds of sensors and devices allows not only to notice the problems and notify the owner of the house about the accident in time, but also to stop the supply of water or electricity to the damaged object. Surely, many have repeatedly become victims of flooding by neighbors from above, when not only the appearance of the apartment suffered, but also furniture, household appliances, things. Or maybe someone himself caused the dissatisfaction of the neighbors due to a malfunction of the pipes or an accidentally forgotten cranes of the water. One way or another, there was a conflict that could be avoided in another situation.

The water leakage sensor is installed under or above the sink at a small distance from the floor. It is advisable to have a sensor in the places of connection of pipes, where the damage occurs most often, and this can not be noticeed immediately. The water leakage sensor is equipped with a sensitive element that works when immersed in water. That is, in an accident, when the water level reaches some necessary minimum, the sensor works, transfers the signal to the water supply control system and the further water supply is stopped. Data on serviceability is formed after receiving the signal, which is transmitted every 60 minutes.

In a word, if you seriously decided to engage in the safety of your home, protect electric wiring, switches and outlets from water from water, buy water leakage sensors or similar devices, feel free to contact specialized stores or sites that implement such devices. Competent consultants in a matter of minutes will help you decide on the choice, and you can go to work with a light heart in the morning, and in the evening to visit, knowing that you have reliable assistants at home.

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