The choice of alarm home
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The choice of alarm home

The choice of alarm home

Before buying a security alarm home, you should decide for what purpose you purchase it – maybe you want outsiders to have the feeling that someone has someone in the house or apartment or vice versa, you want the attackers to create a feeling that there is no security alarm in the house. By the way, you can see different options for security systems in online stores (for example, Vitronic. Sells both protection devices and safety of varying degrees of complexity)

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the requirements and wishes for the security system, all types of which can be conditionally divided into four:

• remote (private) protection;

• security alarm with light or sound alarming alerts;

• security alarm on the basis of the GSM prospector with the response group;

• security alarm called “barking dog” .

After determining the type you need, read the list of companies that establish them. Choosing a company that will mount your home or your apartment a security alarm, be sure to ask who the company is already working with, ask the installers what kind of difficulty have already been alarm. Before installing the alarm, representatives of the company must provide you with the calculations, what will be the cost of installing alarm in your apartment. Be sure to pay attention to all the details, what the company representative looks like, how they talk to you, remember that if you have any problems or malfunctions with alarm, you still have to communicate with them. Be sure to find out until the conclusion of the contract is how long the operational response group or the police outfit will get to your apartment, if an alarm is received. Be sure to ask what will happen if the guard does not have time to arrive at the specified time frame.

Before installation, be sure to conclude an agreement. After installing the alarm, conduct a test of how it works, do this with a stopwatch – then you will know in real time exactly how long it takes the road to your home. Be sure to teach all households to use a security alarm console.

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