Some stages of tile tile facing
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Some stages of tile tile facing

Some stages of tile tile facing

What are the stages of facing tiles? Consider them in the article. Do not pay attention to adhesive mixtures that allow you to lay the tile directly on the old ceramic coating or on the painted wall. The paint layer must be completely eliminated if the wall was painted. If desired, so that the tile is kept for a very long time, there is little to be content with one cleaning walls. Dilute the cement to the state of sour cream and rub it on the wall with a thin layer with a rag. You can lay tiles on such a wall only after complete drying.

Wallpaper will also have to be removed. Soak them with a rag, and they will be removed easily and simply.

If linoleum or PVC plate is laid on the floor, they must be eliminated. If linoleum is simply attached with skirting boards – good. But if the linoleum was glued to the floor, it must be ripped off, and the surface is cleaned of the residues of the glue.

Before cladding, place the tile in the water for 25-30 minutes. If it provides the best clutch with the wall. If you get the tile that was in the water and bring it to your ear, you will hear a slight hiss, this will mean that the tile has not yet been completely saturated with moisture. The tile saturated with moisture lies better on the wall and serves longer.

If you put the tiles on the walls and on the floor, it is better to start with the floor.

It is better to extend the floor with the opposite of the end of the room.

Cover the entire floor with a cement mortar, its thickness should be 10-15 mm. This is necessary to give better adhesion of the tiles with the surface. After laying a number of tiles, check its horizontality level. The second row can only be set when it will be clear whether both rows will be at the same height. If not, you have to add a cement mortar.

Make sure that the edges of the tiles do not protrude. This is traumatic and visually spoils the view.

Carefully check the distance between the tiles. The cracks should be at least 2 mm.

If you put ceramic tiles correctly, it will last for many years. Do not save when choosing tiles and do everything without rush. The stronger you try, the better for you.

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