Repair in the bathroom
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Repair in the bathroom

Repair in the bathroom

You can make excellent repair, put all the equipment, and then to attach it, pull the extension cords throughout the floor, since the room where the safety bathtub is located, the outlets are not provided.

That is why, everything needs to be well calculated before starting the repair. Electro sockets can also be put with your own hands, but for this you need to lay hidden communication and do such work before the final work on the decoration. No matter what, now there are a specific standard of recommendations that affect the bathroom.

You must think about wiring in the bath in advance

All pipes of sewage and water supply should be hidden in the floor, in the wall, or fenced with boxes, it is made of drywall resistant to moisture.

Walls and floors are faced with ceramic tiles with a small pattern, while the floor is already ceramic granite, which in its own properties is much stronger and more reliable than ordinary ceramic tiles. It is also worth saying that ceramic granite perfectly holds a blow, load, absolutely any mechanical influence.

The ceiling must have a very perfect surface and to make it can apply plastic, ceiling on suspensions, painting, and in perfect execution – artificial ceiling of stretch type.

Stretch ceiling in the bath

It is better to purchase new plumbing furniture from famous manufacturers.

Not counting the main lighting can also be used as decorative, it is mostly placed above the mirror.

If you proceed from the list of important works, say how much the bathtub is repair, it is difficult, since it all depends on small details, not to mention expensive plumbing.

It is not required to own the analyst’s abilities to understand that the requirements for the repair of the bathroom are slightly different from the recommendations for repair work, for example in the kitchen. Here it is necessary to remember one thing that, as we wrote above, this is a room that is more than others predisposed to external action, this is the formation of steam, high humidity. It is also worth saying that equipment for water intake and drain is very actively used here. It may also be necessary to install engineering systems – for this it is better to hire an appropriate company.

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