Rehau windows and reasons to buy them
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Rehau windows and reasons to buy them

Rehau windows and reasons to buy them

Today we decided to talk about the brand of Rehau, the popular player of the plastic windows market. Rehau, in fact, produces not only windows, although for the Russian consumer it became known precisely thanks to them, or rather polymer innovations that the company’s developers have successfully introduced into the production of frames. The German company Rehau is developing its products for construction, automotive and other industries. And in all sectors of the work, it stands out thanks to the development, the value of which is a decrease in energy losses, an increase in energy efficiency and increasing reliability.

As the site writes, every owner should strive for beauty and comfort in his own house. And windows play an important role in solving these problems. It is hard to choose high -quality plastic windows, especially if you choose among unknown and unverified manufacturers. Therefore, we recommend that you trust those brands that have already established themselves in the market.

one. Independent tests have proved that Rehau profiles are one of the strongest in the market. This means that there is practically no probability of sagging, deviation or deformation of windows.

2. Very thin profiles are available. This means that the frame and elements of the wings are less open, and the heat loss is reduced. In addition, a thin frame allows the use of a larger glass space to penetrate light and passive profit of sunny heat into the house. This saves lighting, makes the house brighter.

3. Rehau profiles cope well with their work even in the cold and wind climate. They are also able to reduce "sound effects" Nature. By the way, thanks to this properties, Mark was recognized not only in Russia, but also in Canada.

four. Rehau profiles are not subject to corrosion or rot. And materials, by the way, are subject to re -processing, which creates less stress for nature.

5. Frames are made of the latest plastic, which is not subject to change under the influence of ultraviolet radiation or infrared rays, chemicals, pollutants in the air and high/low temperatures.

6. Rehau profiles provide excellent energy efficiency to the window, offering the client excellent thermal insulation.

7. Rehau windows have earned recognition all over the world. In other words, the quality of the goods is promised not only manufacturers, but also confirm customers – the same people as we are.

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