Myths about weight loss
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Myths about weight loss

Myths about weight loss

Myths about weight loss

In modern times, many women are striving to comply with the canons of fashionable figures, and only a few of them achieve their goal. And why few, why not all who dream of losing weight are satisfied with the results? Tips for friends, advertising course of cosmetic companies, improper use of information and much more can bring you to error on the way to weight loss. Therefore, together with the site female paradise, let’s look at several common myths regarding weight loss.

The first myth. Recover only from oily and flour.

Nothing of the kind, in the sense, of course, people get better from fried and fatty, but if only from this, then the problem of weight would not exist. They also recover from sweets, in which a plural amount of carbohydrates, easily deposited on our hips. As well as from acute, such food only incites appetite. Love for alcohol, beer with chips or nuts, stronger drinks with abundant feast – direct hello to extra pounds. In a word, we can say that they are recovering because they eat not that, not then and not in that volume.

The second myth. Anti -cellulite cream burns fat.

If everything was so simple, they smeared cream, went to bed, and woke up with an inchochka. All “magic” creams, with algae components, including anti -cellulite, affect only the upper layers of the skin, only improving its appearance, give smoothness and velvety, but they are not capable of burning the subcutaneous fatty layer. You can argue that the creams are quite effective and reduce the volume of problem areas, but you completely forgot through the massage, which is usually carried out in a compartment with these creams, it is it that accelerates blood and lymph, working on muscles and upper fatty layers. And only with the help of proper nutrition and constant physical exertion, plus massage with anti -cellulite cream, you have the right to use deep fat deposits.

The third myth. Do you want to lose weight, give dinner to the enemy.

To say more correctly, then dinner should be eaten yourself. The most important thing is that it be 3-4 hours before bedtime and consist of easily digestible products with a volume of 300 grams. That’s right, a useful dinner should be! Because, you can’t deceive the body without receiving another portion of energy, next time it will postpone in reserve as much as possible.

Myth fourth. There are small portions – and you will lose weight.

Everything is right, but you just need to know what is, because you can quite easily eat on a piece of the cake five times a day, and at the same time get enough right before our eyes. If your daily fat rate exceeds 50%, do not dream of weight loss. A small example: breakfast – two sandwiches with sausage, butter and cheese are pulled about 1000 calories, and this is almost half of the daily norm. Then what is in lunch, a chicken with potatoes of mashed potatoes, and for dinner pancakes with honey and your daily diet will be 3500 calories. And we still forgot to add tea drinking with sweets or cakes, which you surely love. But it seemed that they did not eat anything superfluous. Here is one advice: think what you eat and in what quantity.

Myth fifth. “I have excess weight, and everyone laughs at me”.

Believe me, it just seems to you. Most people, anyway, are like you look, they have their own problems in their heads. And all these painful pictures about mockery and hostility, only on the basis of your low self -esteem and exaggeration of the problem. More often, this is a fleeting assessment, but we live in the world of people, and it is impossible to get rid of this.

If a person openly discusses you, this is the problem of his upbringing, not your weight.

In nature, there are no ideal people, even the most ideal model seemed, in your opinion, it is unhappy with something, and the mockery and ridiculous can easily change places.

Start playing sports, with it you will feel how the muscles work, the relief of the figure changes, and self -esteem increases with all this.

Look at the world with good eyes and smile at him more often.

Author: Natalia especially for women’s paradise

There is also an interesting technique of enderology (massage) LPG, which serves to correct the figure, cleaning of problem areas well, and also this is a rather pleasant massage.

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