MySpace is an organization specializing in foreign real estate
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MySpace real estate agency: description of the company and its employees

MySpace real estate agency: description of the company and its employees

There are many real estate agencies. The market is crowded, and it’s hard to find truly good realtors: everything is filled with scammers. However, worthy organizations remain, you just need to find them. Trusted agencies include MySpace, an organization specializing in foreign real estate.


Now it is fashionable to switch to English. So, MySpace real estate agency, that is, a real estate agency. Such organizations are engaged in the sale, purchase and rental of residential (mainly) and commercial buildings. But MySpace has an interesting feature: its area of ​​interest lies in the Mediterranean. The agency specializes in Cyprus real estate.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean region, Cyprus is an extremely promising place for purchasing real estate. Foreigners buying property usually have two goals: investment and moving abroad. Cyprus allows you to do both. The economy is stable, actively developing, focused, among other things, on tourism, which ensures a constant flow of funds. Real estate in Cyprus is constantly becoming more expensive, and if you buy a home now, you can make serious money in five to ten years. The funds will not be burned, they will remain with you.

And yes, real estate in Cyprus is a chance to obtain European citizenship and move to the warm, sunny coast. You definitely shouldn’t miss it.

MySpace staff

All MySpace employees are professionals in their field. They are closely involved in Cyprus, and the words properties for sale in Cyprus literally jump off their teeth. The four best realtors will help you choose the perfect property.

  1. Victoria Yatsyuta is the CEO of the company. He has been involved in the luxury real estate industry for more than 7 years, and has been successfully doing so. Provides profit to its clients: develops business plans, carefully analyzes the market for the best result, actively uses innovations and the most advanced techniques.
  2. Irina Bakhtina – sales manager. She developed and implemented development strategies for the largest companies in Russia. Experienced professional capable of turning ordinary qualified employees into a cohesive team.
  3. Tatyana Yanubaeva is a versatile specialist capable of providing legal and real estate services. Helps with immigration to Cyprus, with relocation, with investments. Extensive experience allows us to quickly solve even complex problems and quickly select suitable options.
  4. Yulia Gula – administrator, analyst, support representative. Masterfully manages databases.
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