How to improve skin color
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How to improve skin color

How to improve skin color

Always fresh, clean and healthy skin of a flat natural color – attractive! But sometimes, even tangible expenses for expensive cosmetics do not bring the desired result, and it is quite possible that not every remedy is suitable for your skin. Do not rush to experiment and be disappointed in cosmetic products, but try just an attentive attitude to your person. The Women’s Paradise site gives you several effective arguments how to improve skin color.

The first, and one of the main. A full sleep. Отведите для ночного сна не менее 7-8 часов в сутки. Try to go to bed no later than 22-23 hours, namely sleep until 12 in the morning, is considered the most complete and healthy. Do not eat 2.5 hours before bedtime. The most precious time for our skin is the night during which our body is restored and “patches” the problem areas, including the skin. Regenerating processes, restoration and skin renewal occur.

Second. Regular purification. The key to beautiful and fresh skin is proper care and regular cleansing. This simple concept includes: washing (with a special gel or foam, morning and evening), removing makeup with milk in the evening, skin tonic (tonic) and moisturizing (applying cream, daytime or night). And for better skin cleansing and getting rid of dead particles, it is necessary to use scrubs, carry out this procedure twice a week-for oily skin, for normal-once, and for dry skin once every 10-15 days. Домашний пилинг и маски для лица, еще один шаг на пути к улучшению цвета кожи.

Third. Water consumption. We moisturize the skin with moisturizers, but this is not enough for our skin. Imagine our skin as a sponge, lubricating its surface with a moisturizing cream, it still remains dry, and if it is immersed in water, it is filled completely, it also happens with our skin. Moisturization should also occur from the inside, so use at least 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day.

Fourth. Fresh air. One of the necessary conditions, not only for beautiful skin, but also for general well -being, a surge of strength and vigor – to be in the fresh air. Oxygen is important not only in itself, it also delivers nutrients, to every cell of your body. Surely you noticed how your skin looks great after long walks. In addition, such walks contribute to harmony and good mood.

Fifth. Tone the skin using cosmetic ice. Magic frozen ice cubes prepared with your own infusion of herbs activate blood circulation, this increase tone, nutrition and improvement of skin color. It is difficult to move on to such sharp procedures? Then start small, when washing every day, gradually lower the temperature of the water, bringing to cold. Then proceed to alternation of cold and warm water. Sleep as a hand removes, and a natural blush is provided to you.

Sixth. Food. With “beauty products”, your friendship should be inexhaustible. Cottage cheese, kefir, fish, cereals, vegetables and fruits must be present. But foods that are poorly influenced by skin color: all oily, flour, sweet, salty and acute, should disappear from your diet, or at least reduce their use to a minimum. After all, they affect the condition of the stomach and intestines, causing a fluid retention in the body. As a result, a puffy face covered with acne is unlikely to suit you.

Seventh. Sport. Anything like that affects the improvement of well -being, vigor and improving the complexion, like playing sports. Any physical activity launches an improvement in metabolism in the body, thereby improve the condition of the skin. Aerobics, Pilates, yoga, running, aquaerobika, everything that your soul wants! You are full of strength and energy, and your skin is fresh and healthy!

Author: Natalia Konkova

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