How to celebrate New Year
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How to celebrate New Year

How to celebrate New Year

A pleasant coniferous smell found on every corner, combined with a sweet aroma of tangerines, cause a storm of emotions in the soul of every person, because this means that soon the most important holiday will burst into our measured life and turn everything upside down. No wonder they say how you will celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it, but you want to hold it with an abundance of happiness, joy, success and prosperity. This is this the year of the dragon, which gives the holiday daily, and after the measured life during the patronage of the rabbit will have to tune in to the abundance of emotions, the dramatization of relations and violent events.

The year of the dragon ..

But you just need to meet the dragon with special honors and the same non -standard when organizing the holiday itself. On the eve of the long -awaited event, the head is clogged with the choice of a gift, but the main surprise should be made precisely to the dragon, because it is a conceited creature, longing for festivities and surprises in its honor. The symbol of this year will be water and fire, which means that the combination of two elements is the most interesting lesson when organizing a holiday. So let’s think about how you can make the New Year unique by pleasing the dragon and the noisy company of friends with an amazing atmosphere of the holiday.

Of course, it is possible to celebrate the New Year in the classical style, but all previous years and so are the tables of champagne rings with champagne rings and ringing of champagne. If you do not want to delve into the colossal organization of the holiday, then you should make sure that everything is in abundance on the table, and a variety of exotic fruits and marine products are necessarily present, especially the fish that the dragon will ask. Decorate the apartment with unpretentious souvenirs of the dragon, as well as shells, sea stars and other inhabitants of the depths of salty. Naturally, candles should take a place of honor at the head of the table, because what a dragon without fire.

New Year’s holiday ..

And now it is worth thinking about the non -standard of the upcoming holiday and consider the possibility of organizing a costume party. From the moment of preparations, such a holiday will set the right mood to all participants, and also create an extraordinary atmosphere of the evening, or rather the night, which will be remembered all year. What topics to turn to? There are several options: fire, water, dragon and, of course, imagination. Which girl did not dream of turning into a mermaid in childhood, with long blue hair, with flowers woven in them, with sparkling scales on the tail and shells hiding her chest. Such a definition of beauties on New Year’s Eve will make the holiday unforgettable, and dreams are real. Invent accessories to every guest and congratulate everyone with thematic gifts. And if you want to add something dark, the dragon is now black, create the atmosphere of the Sabbath and add Gothic accessories in combination with the abundance of fire to your interior. Let the holiday be frantic, to the fullest and with a mass of new impressions.

Another great way to spend the New Year according to all the rules dictated by the incoming dragon, there may be a holiday in the dark. Of course, it is difficult to arrange a food completely without light, but here you can not do without dozens of different candles that the dragon complains so much. A romantic evening, especially if the holiday is celebrated only with the most expensive person, give a lot of tender feelings and unforgettable moments. The main thing is that the lighting system does not fly to the Persian carpet and does not burn the whole apartment.

What is even more interesting, then few people in the water will think of celebrating, although this is a very cool way to celebrate the holiday. That’s just which water is more suitable for organizing the holiday – the question is controversial. Some will want to go down with an aqualanga to the seabed and try to grab good luck by the tail, the main thing is that she does not grab for anything else! Others will spend this holiday in the pool, buying it all night and having fun in a noisy company, as it is appropriate to rejoice at the New Year. Thirdly, under the battle of chimes, plunge into the bathroom with champagne and wish happiness in the new year. It is not worth limiting the imagination, the only condition is the desire to surrender to the holiday entirely and completely and rejoice sincerely and without stopping. But no matter how it could not celebrate this holiday, let happiness go side by side throughout the year and gives only positive emotions and joyful minutes.

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