How to become a woman - muse
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How to become a woman – muse

How to become a woman – muse

Every woman dreams that there is a strong, interesting, purposeful man next to her next to her. And to feel behind him as a “stone wall”. Where are such “princes” are there and do they exist in general? I hasten to please you, cute ladies, or upset you, but we “do” such men with you ourselves. Maybe one of you will not be delighted with this statement, since you will have to make efforts so that you are about who you dream about with you nearby. However, this may turn out to be a big plus – “I blinded him from what was, and then, what was, then I fell in love”. If you agree to work for your good, then forward with joy and inspiration!

We turn from “doll into a butterfly”

And so, let’s start a creative process called “Woman Muza”.

The first thing we start is with – this is with our love. Yes, yes, first we love and accept ourselves as we are. And then we will strive for perfection. How does love for yourself begin? With the adoption of a true woman – beautiful, sexy, desired, caring.

To do this, we try to get enough sleep, eat right, engage in physical exercises, drink purified water, rejoice more and try to treat everything with positive. You will recognize yourself? Great, move on. And if not, the time has come to work hard and turn into a “butterfly” – a light, fluttering and bewitching muse.

We become a woman for his man – a mystery that he would like to solve you all his life. And this means – do not open completely, improve, experiment and maintain novelty in relationships. If we want lovely ladies, then we need to begin to become princesses ourselves, and there, as they say, a matter of time is like that for the like. Even if you already have a man now, then it’s never too late to start a new stage in life with him. How interesting and fascinating he is! It is only necessary to learn some rules in order to become a woman – a muse and inspire your beloved.

Правила женщины-музы

Правило первое – встречайте своего мужчину, когда он приходит домой с работы, у самого порога и с большой радостью, обнимайте, целуйте его. Он должен знать, что его дома ждут. Женщина и дом – это тыл мужчины, в нем ему должно быть спокойно, комфортно, уютно. Чаще спрашивайте его о его планах и достижениях, и говорите, что вы гордитесь им. Даже если пока не чем, найдите ту мелочь, за которую можно похвалить. И он начнет делать для вас все больше и больше.

Правило второе – самое большое табу для женщины – помогать мужчине деньгами. In no case! Так, вы лишаете его взять на себя ответственность за материальное обеспечение и перекрываете ему денежные потоки (это отдельная тема). С точки зрения энергетических законов, женщина принимает, мужчина отдает. The more you accept from your man with gratitude everything that he gives you, the more you will help to harmonize the energy of money and increase his income.

Rule three – children should not be in the family most important than a man, but mothers will forgive me. We all want the best for our children, but again but … how a child appears? From the merger of two cells, respectively, without the participation of men, our favorite children would not be born. There must be a correct understanding of life laws. Man – head, miner, captain. The woman is his assistant, the guardian of the hearth, the ideological inspirer. And children are the fruits of their love. If women understood this, then how many marriages could be preserved.

Fourth rule – you should have your own personal space, work, your favorite business, environment. You can’t sacrifice yourself for a man for a man. The more you do something to yourself, the less it will be appreciated. But you can’t sacrifice your family for work either. Engage in your development, health, beauty. Become for your man a girlfriend, mistress, sister, but not mommy. Next to him, be a weak woman, so that for you and for you I would like to get a star from the sky and conquer the top.

Rule fifth – spend the time as often as possible together. Arrange romantic evenings. A simple dinner can be turned into a beautiful ritual with candles at least once a week. Experiment in sexual relationships, be different! Start your day with the thought – “What can I do good today for my man than I can decorate his day” and create, create, create. And the results will not be long in coming, you will get everything that you dreamed about and even more. And most importantly – harmonious relationships, love, well -being and strong family!

Love and be your favorite women – museums!

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