Futler dress, dress, cocktail dress
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Futler dress, dress, cocktail dress

Futler dress, dress, cocktail dress

Futlar dress 2013: fashionable, elegant and feminine

In the wardrobe of the current fashionistas, such a shelter’s popular dress, which gently and unobtrusively repeats the exciting bends of the female figure, giving it the shape of a “sand clock” has long been firmly settled. The main emphasis in this model is focused on the female waist, so this outfit has such a basic constructive feature as the absence of a detachment waist. In a sheath dress, not even the most ideal female figure looks much better-thanks to the creation of the shape of the “sand clock”, its proportions are remarkably balanced.

The term “dress-sheath” first appeared in 1928. This style arose as a color variety of a small black dress, offered by the legendary Coco Chanel. Unlike a short black dress, in which only the color does not change (but its length, decor and other details change in accordance with fashion trends), the sheath dress can have any color, but its length and silhouette are usually unchanged. In the 30s and 60s of the past centuries, an elegant and feminine sheath dress was at the peak of popularity, it became a kind of hallmark of many famous women of that time-Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Edith Piaf. According to the current designers, this style of the dress will be relevant for many years.

A classic sheath dress is a narrow model with a round neckline, without sleeves, collar and horizontal seams at the waist. The perfect length of such a dress is from knees to the middle of the ICR. This style favorably emphasizes the female figure, visually lengthening the silhouette and “stretching out” legs. And although the sheath dress belongs to the series of evening or cocktail dresses, it can be worn in the office.

This year, the color scheme of sheath dresses is represented by classic white, black, red and gray, as well as saturated blue, yellow, mustard and emerald green flowers. The fashion trend of the spring-summer season-silk and lace dressing dresses of pastel colors and with a floral print.

The most universal sheath dress is a black model that is perfect for a variety of life situations, you just need to supplement it with the right accessories. So, in everyday life, ballet shoes or boots, dense colored tights and bright accessories are suitable for a black sheath dress. To create an office style, wear this model with an elegant thin strap, shoes-lodges, thin tights and neat discreet jewelry. Putting off such a style of the dress on a romantic date, pick up elegant high -heeled shoes and a light scarf to it, and decorate the hairstyle with a hoop or flowers. For various kinds of celebrations, elegant shoes, a clutch handbag, a beautiful and original brooch on the chest, as well as a brilliant strap will be an ideal addition to a black sheath dress.

This season, in the collections of many designers there is a sheath dress of different shades of sexy red color-from saturated fire to coral and burgundy. The brightest model is a dress of neon coral shade. Dresses are unusual and interesting, in which red is combined with one of these colors – white, black, gray or purple.

Wood-free dress with sleeves-ideal for the autumn-winter season. This model is suitable for both the office and the party. The most fashionable sleeve this season is three quarters long, but also a long sleeve, tightly fitting hand, looks pretty. A very interesting option is an asymmetric sheath dress, t.e. With one sleeve. Short sleeves are also relevant today, for example, in the form of “wings” formed during the lengthening of the shoulder line, or very short small sleeves.

When choosing a sheath dress, be sure to consider the features of your figure. So, for slender girls, fitted dresses sewn from such textured fabrics as velvet, velvet and materials with a stuffed pattern are suitable. Ladams who want to hide the disadvantages available in the abdomen and hips should choose dresses with light, almost invisible drapery – a skirt with a couple of small Pumps becomes more voluminous, while a general silhouette is preserved. To look more slender, choose a model with a vertical print or Color Block, which contains side inserts from darker fabric. And if you want to emphasize the waist, use the belt. Do not forget that such decorative elements as rhinestones, sequins and sparkles visually make the silhouette more voluminous.

The sheath dress is one of the basic models in the wardrobe of a modern woman. Using this popular style, you can easily experiment when creating your image, which will be invariably feminine and elegant.

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