Documents for drawing up a children's visa
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Documents for drawing up a children’s visa

Documents for drawing up a children’s visa

The USA is the greatest power of the world that attracts a huge number of tourists. But there are features of entry into this country.

For a child who has not reached adulthood, but who wants to visit the United States, several types of visas are provided. Basically, the applicants receive a document of category B1V2 in their hands, thanks to which you can enter the States, having certain goals:

visiting relatives;


Teaching in language schools and children’s camps.

In official papers filed for the design of a children’s visa in the United States of America, there should be mandatory confirmation of intentions and goals about the trip. In addition, they should present detailed information regarding the provision in the Russian Federation, both the family of a minor subject and his personally.

Obtaining a visa can be made in two ways: using a simplified and standard scheme. A simplified scheme does not provide for an interview. And the standard system requires a child’s personal appearance to give an interview. In addition, it is necessary for the procedure for obtaining biometric data.

Features of an American visa

The minor applicant is given a visa to the country of Uncle Sam for three years. The document allows a multiple short -term visit to America.

The visa does not afford the number of days in the state. However, the border control service every entry into the United States marks the seal. And below enters data on the permitted number of days of stay.

For a minor, usually the time in the States for 1 visit is no more than 180 days.

In addition, permission in the United States gives the right to travel:

with relatives;

with a group of schoolchildren;

with friends;

on one’s own.

What you need to get a children’s visa

To obtain a children’s visiting document, it is necessary to overcome the following stages:

contact the American Embassy to clarify information about the availability of the necessary documents and methods of their submission;

decide on the need for an interview;

prepare all the required documents;

successfully defeat the process of interviewing.

Get a permits for traveling to the United States with parents (with grandparents) a subject under 14 years old is not difficult if adults have valid visas in America in their hands. Children do not take fingerprints, and a simplified scheme is used to submit an application. Personal appearance of citizens for an interview is not provided for. But it is necessary to present a foreign passport of the child, copies filled in English visas of parents (grandfathers), a confirmation of the application for submitting an application for a permits without an interview.

A simplified scheme can also be used when a children’s application is submitted simultaneously with parent -based documents for repeated permission without an interview.

As for the rule of obtaining an American visa without an interview, it applies to a child who has a member of the educational group traveling to the United States. This option provides for a document from parents to leave their child and submission a program on the stay of a minor in the States. In addition, it should set out complete information regarding all the children of the group traveling abroad.

If the teenager is not 14 years old, but he is going to leave for America, with friends and relatives for whom an interview with a personal turnout is necessary, then a standard scheme is used to submit documents. Visa officer interviews one of the parents. The presence of the child is not required. But his foreign passport and a printed page-confirmation of the record on the interview were needed. It is worth it to have documents that can confirm the reliability of the applicant.

Possible reasons for the refusal of children’s visa

Not every citizen manages to get a visa in the USA. There are reasons for this:

incorrect paperwork;

a small number of trips abroad (frequent trips to various countries and a return from there in time put the subject by law -abiding, which does not allow a person who is rarely abroad);

suspicious invitation (if it is written in bad English, an invitation after a short acquaintance on the Internet, an invitation on behalf of the “black” list);

the difficulties of an interview with the representative of the US Consulate (uncertain answers and discrepancies with the information submitted can arouse suspicions of the consulate employee);

the presence of relatives in America, who previously immigrated with a suspicious way, and the like.

The exact reason for the refusal is not directly reported. The formal text on this issue usually does not clarify the situation.

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