Determination of the psychological type of psychological types of personality psychological types
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Determination of the psychological type of psychological types of personality psychological types

Determination of the psychological type of psychological types of personality psychological types

Determination of the psychological type

You can’t make yourself to run in the morning or engage in video training at home in order to lose weight and look slim. Just don’t say to yourself that you are a lazy person and don’t give up. The point is rather not at all your laziness, probably other types of training are suitable for your character, for example: aquaerobic or Pilates, or maybe you just need a coach and a group of people like you, you know how it spurges. The Women’s Paradise site will help you determine your psychological type – and you will understand what kind of fitness and which diet is suitable for you.

And so, test: Complete the phrase so that it best reflects your sensations.

one. I train because ..

BUT. I want to look better to Ily losing weight.

B. I want to disconnect from the problems of Ily to relieve stress.

AT. I like to be in motion and prefer an active lifestyle.

2. I enjoy…

BUT. Taking time with those whom I love.

B. Working to achieve the goal.

AT. Working at the limit of their physical capabilities.

3. If there is a choice, I prefer ..

BUT. Chat on the phone with a friend.

B. Work on a new project or improve professional skills.

AT. Do your favorite sport.

Among the answers, options A prevail.

You are a person focused on relationships. People, whether it be relatives, colleagues or friends, are of paramount importance for you. Communication with them becomes a source of vitality for you.

Problems. You do not complain of simple and uncomplicated food and hardly want to train alone.

Nutrition tips. You probably cook with great pleasure. For you this is a way to show love and care. Therefore, you should look for healthy recipes to reduce the calorie content of traditional dishes. For example, make sandwiches on cereals, instead of a conventional bun; Bake the potatoes so as not to fry; Refuel olivier salad with low -calorie mayonnaise.

Fitness tips. You are probably avoiding visits to the gym, as you consider this place unsuitable for friendly communication. You would like to see a coach nearby so that he is imbued with your problems. Therefore, it will be best if you hire a personal instructor. Or resort to such training, where the network is a partner, for example: tennis or eastern martial arts.

Among the answers, options b prevail.

The main property of your character is determination. You are entailing new achievements, and the achievements of an excellent result are the best incentive for subsequent work on yourself.

Problems. You are more inclined to eat semi-finished products, which saves your precious time, or to be in restaurants, including do not disdain fast foods. And also, most likely you think that you are too busy and you just have no time to play sports.

Nutrition tips. Of course, independent culinary experiments are not for you. Well, at all to eat outside the house, probably can’t work. If the campaign in the cafe is inevitable, order yourself soup or salad. And also make yourself a list of products that are useful with your type of figure, and put a taboo on all harmful. Hang this list for the most prominent place, believe me, it will organize you.

Fitness tips. For you, as the most “busy person in the world,” you need training, requiring a minimum of time and involving all muscle groups. The ideal option is spinning (an exercise bike or elliptical simulator). A personal coach will select an individual, most effective program for you.  Choose a fitness club, where the lesson mode allows you to interrupt as necessary, and then return to the same level from which you had to get distracted.

Among the answers, options prevail in.

You are an energetic personality, a person of action. For you, the movement itself is joy. You are not sitting still, and slow training is not your.

Problems. You are very inclined to overstrain in training. And your body may not have enough “fuel” for this super -moving lifestyle that your groovy temperament requires.

Nutrition tips. Your daily diet, you must break 4-5 times a day, this will avoid sharp jumps from violent activity to a complete breakdown. You can safely have a snack: nuts, fruits, low -fat yogurt, light cheese and grain bread. You need to keep such products at hand.

Fitness tips. Try to choose group training, so the coach sets the rhythm and intensity of the load, and also monitors the most jumping sport lovers who clearly evade from the warm -up and stretching. After all, someone must restrain your agility, otherwise injuries are inevitable. Занимайтесь разными видами фитнеса – аэробика, пилатес, стэп-аэробика, йога.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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