You need to choose a sofa correctly
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You need to choose a sofa correctly

You need to choose a sofa correctly

The sofa should be an investment for which you are not ashamed. That is why it is worth investing in the best and best -quality version of this upholstered furniture. Even if you buy a sofa for temporary use, then, ultimately, you will transfer it to a less visited part of the apartment, and then take it to the garage or sell it through ads. And in this option you also need a good option, otherwise it makes no sense to invest in it at all.

High -quality sofa should be hard and heavy. Jump on one part to check the strength, and then try to lift it in one leg and shake a little. If it seems to you shaky or light, then pass by such a purchase. Look for a sofa whose frame is made of dried woodwood wood, such as oak, alder, birch, maple. As an alternative, there may be a high -quality solid plywood.

Most sofa pillows have core of polyurethane foam. The denser the foam, the heavier the pillows and the longer they will serve you and maintain their shape. In cheap versions, in the core only polyurethane foam, in the best options for furniture, the core is wrapped in a dacron cotton.

The best sofa options have legs that are part of the frame, even though removable legs are more convenient to carry the sofa through narrow passages.

You should buy a sofa of the best quality from the price range that you can afford. If you have a traditional interior, choose a sofa with rounded handles, a contour back, a skirt and pile pillows. A sofa for a modern style, as a rule, has cleaner lines, fewer colors and less fabric part.

If you plan to spend time lying on the couch, then focus not only on length, but also on the width. You should have enough hand for your hands, otherwise you will be inconvenient for you. The best way is to determine the width of the sofa by shoulder width. For small apartments, it is better to choose a sofa with low handles or without them, this will make the room look more.

Synthetic upholstery is more durable and easier to clean. Dense and heavy fabrics will be better in terms of wear. Avoid Atlas, brocade and damage, if you intend to often use the sofa.

If you are interested in upholstered furniture in St. Petersburg, you can contact the Mebella company, the sofas of which you see in the photographs in this article.

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