Why does tap water smell bad?
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Why does tap water smell bad?

Why does tap water smell bad?

A number of factors can force water supply to exude unpleasant odors. This can be the concentration of metal from the pipes that cause you water. The smell is possible from microorganisms that live in water. Also, the cause may be chemicals that are used to remove microorganisms.

In many cities, municipal water systems supply water to the houses, which has passed a kind of treatment process for microorganisms. This can cause smells. If you pass water in the tap for a few seconds before its set into a glass, then smells can be avoided. You can also use various filtering systems.

A common source of unpleasant odor in tap water is sulfur and chlorine. Sulfur is characteristic of many natural objects and its number increases at a certain time of the year. The smell of sulfur resembles the smell of rotten eggs. Tap water with gray can also be bitter. Chlorine appears due to water chlorination, that is, the most common method of water purification around the world. Sometimes, its excessive amount is used or an accumulation of a large concentration of chlorine in the pipes is accidentally used. In such cases, water can also exude unpleasant odors, but if you skip water within a few seconds in the tap, then the smell and taste will disappear.

Another common candidate for culprits from pipeline odors is the concentration of metals. Copper, iron and lead create unique smells and tastes. They fall into the water because of the pipes themselves, through which water flows. In low concentrations, copper and iron are not dangerous, although if brown water flows from the tap, then there is too much iron. Lead is a more serious problem, because it can have a negative effect on the human body even in small quantities.

Flowering algae in a water source can also cause a strange smell. Although water purification removes algae and microorganisms, the smell of connection may be delayed. Typically, such problems are eliminated by installing filters, but in general, the water with a smell of algae flowering is harmless.

Finally, different leaks and environmental pollution can cause smells emanating from water.

If your water worries you, then we advise you to order water analysis in a specialized company. In general, it is better to always use water filters.

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