Why do you need an examination in construction?
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Why do you need an examination in construction?

Why do you need an examination in construction?

The construction of buildings is a complex and responsible work, which cannot be allowed by amateurs. The life of many people depends on the stability and strength of the house. Given the special quality requirements, there are a number of reasons for a construction examination, which is not a simple formal procedure, but a vital measure to reduce risks.

Examination by the state is engaged in research and calculations that allow us to conclude about the state of any building or industrial structure. The cost of examination of project documentation is found out at the stage of development of a working project. The conclusions of construction experts become important documents that allow to protect themselves or, conversely, accuse a person during the court, if errors were made during construction.

Here are the simplest example proving the need for construction examination. For example, a person lives in an apartment with a beautiful view from the window, but at a certain moment a certain businessman for the sake of getting super -profit decided to build a commercial building in the courtyard of the house, blocking his store with an excellent view from the window. At the same time, it does not matter – the building was legally built or the building permit was not received from the municipal authorities. In any case, a person has the right to file a claim for demolition of an uncomfortable construction. This is where construction examination is included in the case, designed to prove that the construction in the courtyard not only interferes with observing beauty, but most likely violates fire safety rules, worsens the operational characteristics of housing, reduces its market price. After the study, the examination draws up documents in the form of a full -scale report, which reflects all conclusions and specific numbers.

The right to engage in expert activities in construction is possessed by both private and state companies. With the advent of the SRO, many companies have a real chance of getting accreditation, reducing bureaucratic barriers and a corruption component. So modern examination can be trusted.

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