Why be afraid of men male fears
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Why be afraid of men male fears

Why be afraid of men male fears

What are men afraid of

Brave knights, risky midshipmen, harsh warriors, etc.D. Having read romantic books, having seen a love melodrama, women are firmly convinced that the strong half of humanity, fear is completely unknown. But even behind this whole veil of aggressiveness, pressure and rudeness – banal fears are hidden. Together with the site female paradise, let’s analyze what men are afraid?

Power women. Often in life you can see a picture of as a high -class worker and a confident man, leaving the boss’s office, grieves under his breath: “A fool is full. Tiranha. Stalin in a skirt!””.

And all not because he is a bad worker, or she is a bad leader, just for some reason, crossing the threshold of her office, he is speechless, and begins to mumble something.

It so happened that from the very birth, women – grandmothers, mothers, in kindergarten – teacher, also a woman, at school – teachers, almost all women are engaged in practically raising children (and boys). And therefore, the habit of constantly obeying, and with her is still a fear of punishment, is associated with a powerful woman. And if a woman with a high social status appears on his life path, a man tries to hide his subconscious fear, and “declares” that women are unable to competently lead or are completely incompetent in their profession.

Bald. This is true, men are panicky afraid to hollow. And where did such a complex develop? Since primitive times, it was believed that the more hair on the body, including on the head, too, the stronger the masculine principle. And modern sexologists add oils to the fire: “Big vegetation on the body, speaks of a strong male temperament”. Three hairs from left to right, for a long time sunk into the past. Now a disguise at the highest brutal level, a shaved skull. Why be like Lenin, when you can get into the ranks along with Bruce Willis, Gosha Kutsenko or Fedor Bondarchuk, fashionable and stylish.

Responsibility. Recently, men do not want to officially formalize relationships at all. Motivating, this is that the stamp in the passport is just a formality, and if I need to leave, the stamp will not stop me even. But all, they are cunning. Maybe the stamp will not stop them from leaving if they want, but all, the responsibility after the officially registered relations, is completely different than in a civil marriage. And this responsibility, not only material, but also moral. You can’t just quit everything and leave to hang out with friends in another city, arrange a race in bars, spend the entire salary of friends, give up a boring job, and indeed just leave. Therefore, men come up with all kinds of excuses that a civil marriage is no different from the marriage of official.

Beauties. Many beautiful women, more and more often remain alone. Invite to a restaurant, to a party, please, but a serious relationship is not obtained. Everyone admires beauty, but they take the girls easier. Alas, the beauty scares men. Men are very lazy by nature, and to win the heart of a beauty is not so simple, you will have to make a lot of effort and prove that he is the best contender for her heart. And then, the winner believes that life is not sweet and restless with the beauty, eternal fear: suddenly she is not for love with him, they will suddenly beat off, and suddenly the requests will exceed my possibilities. And in order to live calmly, he must be constantly in good shape and match his chosen one. So men run from beauties! And only the most fearless decide to connect their fate with the beauty. And notice, often win this! But whoever does not risk, he does not drink champagne.

Vertically challenged. Nothing overshadows a man like a small height. This causes fear in him that he will not be noticed and will be considered not enough courageous. And here they are, these little men are trying to prove to themselves and society that they are worth something in this life, to compensate for their small growth with self -sufficiency.  And they do it great! Someone conquers countries, someone climbs up the career ladder, someone buys a large car in which it is barely visible from behind the steering wheel, and someone drives a two-meter model with him. And this is all, in order to seem better, to be higher and look at the world and others around.

If we talk about all male fears, there is not enough article, I will just list the most common of them:

Loss of work

Dissatisfaction of the financial situation

Old age



Sexual failure

Lack of sense of humor

Low social status

Lack of education

It would seem that it’s not so scary and you can live with it. But the strongest floor is so unprotected, and even the smallest fear is able to destroy the personality, and only love and a beloved woman nearby are able to help free herself from him.

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