Which sofa to choose for a small living room
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Which sofa to choose for a small living room

Which sofa to choose for a small living room

In small apartments, the living room often performs the functions of the bedroom. The right choice of furniture will create the most comfortable atmosphere in a small living space, create a cozy interior. The basis of the improvement of the living room in a small-sized apartment is a sofa bed, which will make a small room spacious and comfortable both for reception and sleep.

With such a high degree of operation, the main criterion when choosing a sofa-blood should be its reliability. High -quality sofas from the manufacturer should be strong, lay out well, not creak and have an acceptable price. Also coloring, shape and style of the sofa must correspond to the interior of the living room.

According to the type of layout, sofas are divided into three groups: sofas advanced forward (“French” or “American clashes”), sofas (layout along the longitudinal axis), sofas with folding sides. Such sofas can also have built -in boxes for storing pastel accessories.

The quality of good furniture is determined by its components. The sofa, in the frame of which there is synthetics (chipboard or MDF) will not last long. Such materials are solid, inflexible and with intensive use of the sofa will quickly break. You need to choose a sofa bed with a frame made of wooden array, preferably the most solid woods. Peregriner springs should be steel, as it will be the most reliable shock absorbers. The springs should be covered with natural fiber, for example, coconut. Natural materials will create more comfortable conditions for sleep: in the summer they will bring coolness, and warm in winter. The spring base should be from polyurethane, then the springs will not creak. On a spring basis, there should be several layers of coconut fiber impregnated with latex, alternating with polyurethane covered with synthetic winterizer. It is such a sofa that will be as convenient as possible to use and will last a long time. The color and shape of the sofa can be selected based on the individual requests of the owners and order in the company.

A wide range of sofas in St. Petersburg at democratic prices is offered by a company, it is a furniture factory – Salotti, which has made comfortable upholstered furniture for a long time and has managed to prove itself with its quality products.

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