What type of fitness is suitable for you
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What type of fitness is suitable for you

What type of fitness is suitable for you

Each of us works and makes money as he knows how: one sits in place, the other rushes around the city, and the third is idle behind the counter. And many of you do not even think about training, referring to your work, but in vain. Everything is natural that we are tired, and if you do not take any measures, this fatigue can go into overwork, which is fraught not with the best health consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically arrange a discharge: either it is a good rest, or switching to a completely different occupation in nature. And yet alternating activities, changing the work of fitness – this will be the best solution. But what kind of fitness is suitable for you, by the family of your employment, we and the female paradise, we will discuss.

If you are a student.

The fact is that a large load falls on the fragile shoulders, and this is not only during sessions, but also in student everyday life, no secret to anyone. Seminars, lectures, preparations for exams cause mental fatigue, while eyes get tired and attention is scattered. In this case, physical activity is simply necessary. We advise students, choose a type of fitness that will cause positive emotions and bring joy. For example, dancing let it be incendiary and passionate Latin, or rock and roll. If you are very exciting, and victory is for you – the main thing, then sports games: volleyball, tennis, basketball. Move in a word! And then your nerves will not be shook, and the brain will “slow down”.

If you have a sedentary job.

More and more in the modern world, work is connected with a computer, and it is it that takes us away from physical labor. As a result of this, the number of sitting professions is growing, which promises us to women a lot of problems and most importantly, this is the storage of energy in the form of fat deposits. Such “affection” to the workplace, it is simply necessary to supplement with fitness. You have to sit a lot? First, think about your spine and lumbar region, it is they who suffer first. Be sure to include stretching or pilates in your program that will help relieve tension and stiffness in the muscles. Second, do not forget about your legs, because sitting work implies that the legs are constantly in a relaxed state, so do not be afraid to load them by any means. Fast walking, light jogging, power simulators, step-aerobics will help you to rise by the power of the spirit.

If you have a standing job.

Yes, sometimes the work resembles an honorary guard. Here we are talking about workers of shops, restaurants and cafes. They really know how your legs get tired, so in order to facilitate your fate, arrange short warm-ups to your beautiful legs: make shallow attacks back and forth, steps, with your knees, shallow squats and ups on socks. You think it will look ridiculous? Then, try rhythmically, strain and relax the muscles of the legs, this certainly no one will notice. And in the evening, do not deny yourself the pleasure of cardio training: running, walking, aerobics, it is this type of fitness that will help you make up for the energy reserves of muscles, increase blood flow and accelerate the metabolism.

If your legs feed you.

It is representatives of such professions as couriers, forwarders, auditors, have to move a lot, because you need to have time everywhere. And the load they receive a specific. The first is the load on the psyche, since it is very difficult to control the different situation, adapt to new sensations and be always ready to communicate with people, and notice, only in a good mood.  Second, muscles are loaded unevenly, because you are either sitting or standing in transport, or you go or run. With all the stream of received information in a day and constantly changing pictures, the sooner you will just want to relax and that is right. Yoga, meditation, as well as a bathhouse and a good relaxing massage, will be able to compensate for the unevenness of working physical activity.

If you communicate a lot.

Constant contact with people, also very exhausted. Those who work in the areas of direct communication with people know how hard it is to constantly smile, to control themselves, to be courteous, and this applies not only to teachers and doctors, but these are retail trade workers. Those at least with emotional fatigue can be dealt with using fitness. It is swimming that will help you naturally balance the nervous processes and will discharge emotionally fed irritation. If the water is not your element, try yoga.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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