What medicinal plants will help make the appearance more attractive
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What medicinal plants will help make the appearance more attractive

What medicinal plants will help make the appearance more attractive

District healers have long been used by medicinal plants not only to combat various diseases, but also in order to maintain youth and beauty.

What can be obtained using medicinal plants:

A beautiful figure.

Elastic velvety skin.

Silky shiny hair.

Strengthen the nervous system and health in general.

Medicinal herbs for a thin waist

Flax seeds. Diagil. If they enter the body, they swell, and a person has a feeling of satiety.

Dandelion. Immortelle. Improve the digestive process.

Parsley. Nettle. Excess water is removed.

Dill. Sea ​​buckthorn. Solo. Stimulate the operation of the digestive system.

Sagebrush. Eliminates the body of parasites.

Hellebore. Leads the digestive system in order.

Excess weight, as you know, leaves an imprint on both human health and its beauty. But the reasonable use of medicinal plants will help to cope with this problem.

Methods of using wormwood wormwood

The use of wormwood will cleanse the body of parasites, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and will lead to a slow, but confident weight loss.

1 method. Wormwood must be ground. First week take 1 \ 5 teaspoon every three hours. The next three weeks of the number of techniques decreases to 3 per day. In the first decade of reception of wormwood, an increase in appetite is observed. From the second decade, appetite decreases sharply, and excess weight begins to leave.

2 method. Pour a teaspoon of dry chopped wormwood with boiling water, insist 30-40 minutes. Take a tablespoon before each meal.

3 method. Dilute a teaspoon of fresh wormwood juice into 0.5 cups of water and take 3 times a day before meals.

Medicinal plants for beautiful and healthy skin

Timyan creeping.

pharmaceutical camomile.

Donnik medicinal.

The hernia is naked.



Vasilek et al.

Ways to use medicinal plants to maintain skin beauty

1 method. For the elasticity of the skin, herbal bath is remarkably suitable, which will cleanse the skin and give it elasticity. To prepare it, it will take 100 grams of the donics of medicinal, chamomile of a pharmacy, thyme creeping, birch leaves and 50 grams of hernial hernia.

2 method. To cleanse the skin, you can prepare toilet water. This will require a chamomile infusion (80 ml), vodka (60 ml) and glycerin (60 ml). All ingredients are mixed and stored in a bottle in a dark place.

3 method. You can apply breaks on the skin of the face and neck, which moisturize and nourish the skin well. It is necessary to take the crushed dry leaves of coltsfoot (you can fresh) and mix with milk, then, wrapping in gauze, put on the face and neck.

4 method. Steam baths that can be prepared from various herbal preparations are also good for the skin. For example: take the lemon balm leaves equally, the chamomile of pharmacy chamomiles and the leaves of coltsfoot, mix. For a bath 1 st. l. Pour the grass mixture with two liters of boiling water. The time of exposure to the skin is 15 minutes.

The infusions of the leaves of strawberries, the leaves of sea buckthorn, sage, and Donnik are also good for washing. Infusions can be added to masks, or cook cosmetic ice from them.

Medicinal plants for hair beauty




Sorean is ordinary.

Air swamp.

Calendula medicinal and t. D.

Ways to use medicinal plants to strengthen and beauty of hair

1 method. 2 tbsp. l. dry calendula flowers must be poured with 400-500 ml of hot water, insist for 2 hours, then strain and use to rinse hair after washing. Hair after such procedures becomes silky and shiny.

For such rinsing, various plants can be used (nettle, yarrow, etc.D.)

2 method. Oil of medicinal plants (rosemary, yarrow) rubs into the roots of the hair, and then the hair itself is lubricated and the hair itself. After 10-15 minutes, you can wash off the oil. Also, oil can be added to shampoos and wash your hair as usual.

Medicinal plants are a storehouse of vitamins and beneficial trace elements, which means that they are great for caring for their body. In addition, the use of plants for cosmetic purposes will not take much time and means.

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