What is invested in the concept of comfort
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What is invested in the concept of comfort

What is invested in the concept of comfort

What is real home comfort? For everyone, this concept consists of some of its components, which in different people differ significantly. For some, the very concept of comfort determines only the absence of a mess. In general, such a point of view has, of course, the right to exist-a tough army order in a living room really does not particularly predisposes to feel truly “at home”. But uneasy, entering the children’s room (namely the nursery, that is, only the child lives there) and seeing the toy scattered in different corners, the adult does not feel comfortable? Short-term confluence of childhood allows at least to some extent to feel the very feeling of comfort that accompanied us in childhood, when it was not necessary to go to work, it was not necessary to worry about monetary prosperity, no professional knowledge scored their heads and everything that needed It was possible to know that they are sincerely loved. And for someone, comfort is wooden unpainted chairs, the same table, covered with a clean white tablecloth, and a pile of pancakes in the middle … But still, are there any common points, general definitions?

Living room

The living room, in whatever style it is furnished – is the place where people rest. Therefore, here the predominance of dark tones is completely unacceptable, neither in furniture, nor in shades of floor and wall covering – in general. The more bright and colorful, the more grounds to name the room in which the family and guests invited for any reason gather, truly cozy. This, of course, does not mean that it can be allowed in the design of the living room “giraffes” and “traffic lights”-everything that is used should at least somehow harmonize with each other. But some small little things can be contrast. In general – for this room, the concept of comfort is determined by the color scheme.


The bedroom should be combined both aesthetics and functionality. The central place here is a bed, from it you need to dance. First of all, choose it, and only then, under it, look for the rest of the furniture (although sleeping sets are usually sold in holistic sets) and finishing materials. Naturally, we must not forget about your own comfort – when buying a bed, you need to try it out, how convenient it is. However, if you liked it outwardly, and lying somewhat hard or too soft is also not a problem, today any mattress store offers many products of varying degrees of softness, different dimensions … And even inflatable and waterflows will also be found in case the bed in general does not want to do not want the bed at all in principle , but I want to sleep on the floor. This, by the way, also has a kind of comfort … But the tones should still be softer. And if you want exoticism – it is better to realize this desire in the form of a leopard or even black blanket, it will look very appropriate in almost any environment.


This is somewhat more complicated … The main problem is due to the fact that in modern houses the kitchen cannot boast of any extensive area where you could place the food area and the cooking area. On the other hand … unless nowhere to eat in the apartment? The same living room can be used as a dining room. And for small snacks in almost any interior you can enter a bar counter. So first of all, you still need to proceed from it is convenient to cook. And, of course, so that it is convenient to “sit”, but with the expectation of participation in the gatherings of two or three people. And for a larger company – already a living room. Well, what exactly is included in the concept of “conveniently cook” – here every housewife decides herself, there are actually no universal solutions.

About the flowers – there are no such strict rules in the kitchen. The lack of too bright contrasts is very desirable. If, for example, the sink is made in light blue, and the countertop is green, then such a contrast will probably beat the eyes (and this can affect the taste of the dish-experienced cooks know that much depends on the mood). But this does not mean that you need to select everything in one tone. And by the way, one does not need to be afraid of the “grayness” of stainless steel – the native color, albeit too strict, but how it shines ..

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