What are signaling tapes
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What are signaling tapes

What are signaling tapes

The areas of use of signal tapes are very different, they are used everywhere where it is necessary to mark something or fence off.

They have seized such popularity due to the small price and ease of use. To use them, special skills are not required. They are used to warn about something.

When the communications lie at the desired distance from them laid a signal tape. This is necessary that in the version of repair or land work, workers can immediately understand that there is a cable or pipes here. An excavator, if it digs, pull out the tape first of all and at the same time does not spoil the communication. The fact that he is actually underground, builders will be able to understand by the inscription and color scheme on the tape.

If a cable is laid, they usually write “cautiously cable”. It still depends on the voltage, the tape will be either blue or red. If a gas pipeline is laid, then the gas and so on. Such phrases are usually written throughout the length of the tape. So that, regardless of the place where it was dug up, it was immediately clear that there was in the ground. Since signal ribbons are designed to attract attention, they are produced quite a fairly bright color, so that even from afar they can be seen. You can see them in the store

So that nothing happens to them in the ground, they are produced persistent to high and low temperatures. So that water is not collected, and they are perforated throughout the length. From corroding salts and alkali, metals are added to the composition resistant to acid.

In the field of advertising, tapes are also used. Since they can apply a different logo on them, the text or pattern began to use advertisers intensively. This is a fairly inexpensive advertising, for example, a poster will cost several times more. So having opened some company, for the first time this type of advertising is quite suitable for you, since the bulk of the money will go to rent, equipment and a lot other. On such a tape you can make your company logo, information about your company or an advertising slogan.

In construction work. To fence off the construction site, especially at the initial stage, when there is no fence yet, signal tape is used. With it, you can very quickly and easily mark the place of future construction work.

Their use in these areas does not end, we described only some of them.

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