Waxing in Moscow: an effective way to get smooth skin
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Waxing in Moscow: an effective way to get smooth skin

Waxing in Moscow: an effective way to get smooth skin

To get rid of excess hair on the body, you can use different methods. Among the epilation procedures proposed by customers, there is the most popular method – vaxing. “Wax” translated from English means “wax”, so we are more accustomed to calling waxing with waxing. To carry out the procedure, beeswax or paraffin resins are used, heated to a temperature of 45-55 degrees.

Waxing technology

First you need to cook wax. To do this, the master heats the substance so that it acquires a liquid consistency, and then lets it cool to the desired temperature. After that, the wax is applied to the skin with a disposable spatula. Fabric strips are applied over wax and left like this for a while (so that the wax cools and “grasp”). Now you can start removing. Bikini hair removal Misslisseepilyaciya-Voskom is embarrassed by some ladies. With one hand, the master holds the skin, slightly pulling, the other quickly, but neatly, breaks the fabric in the opposite direction. When all the wax from the skin is removed, the cream is applied to the treated areas.

It is worth saying that the quality of the procedure directly depends on the length of the hair processes. Recommended hair length – up to 1 cm. Why is it necessary? The wax should hook the hair and hold it in the mass, so that when the substance is removed from the skin, the hair also bursts. Note that under a warm wax creates the “Sauna effect”, the pores are expanding and the hair follicle is released freely. And heat acts on the skin soothingly, which reduces pain.

Vaxing is applicable in any parts of the body, even in such delicate places as the bikini line. Misslisse hair removal studio is one of the best options where to go to Moscow. Traditionally, wax hair removal is used on the face, in the axillary cavities, sometimes on the arms, legs, back. Haeses of any stiffness are lended to removal, and with thick vegetation, vaxing copes well.

Smooth, velvety skin in the treated areas remain at least two to three weeks. The regular use of wax hair removal leads to the fact that each new hair is weaker than remote (thinner, lighter, less).

Wax hair removal: for and against

Answer the question why wax hair removal should be done is very simple. There are several positive points in defense of this hair removal method:

Smooth skin for several weeks, not days (as after depilation).

The ability to apply the procedure on any part of the body.

High -quality hair removal (waxing even the shortest processes amenable).

Additional cleansing of the surface of the skin from keratinized cells.

Moderate prices for the procedure.

From the arguments “against” can be called the following:

pain during the removal of wax strips from the body (this aspect is often the basis for refusal to undergo wax hair removal, girls with a low pain threshold do not want to experience inconvenience);

the appearance of ingrown hairs is possible;

Light redness of the skin after the procedure.

Vaxing: Contraindications

Like many cosmetic products for body care products, waxing has a number of warnings. First of all, you should refrain from passing procedures if you have detected individual intolerance to the components of bee production products. Among other restrictions: pregnancy, varicose veins, different types of injury to the skin.

How to take care of the skin after vaxing?

In the first few days after the procedure for removing hair wax, a number of simple rules must be observed. This is necessary in order to avoid the likelihood of undesirable consequences.

The first couple of days should you refrain from going to the solarium and generally be less in the sun. If you cannot avoid interaction with ultraviolet radiation to the best of your employment, then use a protective cream from tanning.

Also for a while (a couple of days after hair removal) you need to forget about visiting a sauna or bathhouse.

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