Вредная привычка – переедание Переедание Почему мы переедаем?
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Вредная привычка – переедание Переедание Почему мы переедаем?

Вредная привычка – переедание Переедание Почему мы переедаем?

Вредная привычка – переедание

И так, у вас в руке кусок торта, все правильно не кусочек, а кусок. И ваш разум кричит: «Остановись. Ты ведь хочешь похудеть! А до этого было два куска пиццы!” Late! Вы проглатываете все залпом, и немного погодя начинаются угрызения совести. It is believed that our stress, boredom, depression and loneliness are guilty of everything, this is what makes us open the refrigerator more and more often. But, unfortunately, overeating psychological problems does not solve. The Women’s Paradise site will consider with you four common reasons for this bad habit – overeating, and tell you how to behave in one case or another.

The first is the first. Diet insanity.

Fast diets with “loud” slogans, as “lose 10 kilograms in a week,” very attract women who want to lose weight. But in fact, it turns out that during a diet, limiting ourselves in food, we simply prepare the ground for further overeating. For the sake of a slender figure, women are ready to endure even hunger, and as soon as the goal is achieved, they lose control of themselves and fall off all in a row. Thus, discovering that the lost kilograms are easily returned. And everything is repeated again.

Eat only healthy food. Make a list of useful products and select from it, what you like, try not to fill the stomach than that.

Forget about all fashionable diets, no matter what results they promise. Listen to your body and its needs, and he will tell you when and how much you need to eat.

When you eat, stop, go out from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

Eat only when you really want to eat without waiting for a certain time, for example, lunch at 13-00 or dinner at 18-00. Arrange for your snacks (yogurt, nuts, dried fruits), so you will disappear from you to remove everything from the table to lunch or dinner.

The second is the second. Temptations.

At almost every step we are in wait for the temptations: advertising on TV “Two meat cutlets grill, cucumbers, salad and onion, special sauce, cheese – all on a bun with sesame seeds”; huge advertising shields of fast food and pizza, just call you. And even if you are completely unmarried, the chances of snatching, something “harmful”, great, with such a sea of ​​temptations. That saliva has already flowed? And you reached for the phone to order pizza at home?

Wait this wrong moment, since emotional hunger is like waves: it rolled or retreats.

Distract, call your girlfriend and chat, take yourself useful.

Well, in the end, eat an apple, drink a glass of kefir or water, this allows you to kill your appetite.

Talk to yourself: “Is I really hungry and will be right if I eat this treat?»Sometimes this is enough.

The reason is the third. Stress.

It is proved that under stress the hormone cortisol is released. This is the body’s response to a dangerous situation, fight and defend yourself. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what the reason for stress is a quarrel with your beloved, catch up with the boss, or children’s chores – the body will prepare for active actions for any occasion, and for this it needs energy. And here problems begin, you begin to absorb everything that is possible from the refrigerator, and with a margin, but there is no physical activity. Then all unspent calories smoothly go into fat deposits.

You should eat in advance. Let’s say you will have a conversation with the authorities at 2 in the afternoon, 15 minutes before, have a snack with something light.

Stress cannot be avoided when passing the exam or problems with children, but in some cases everything is corrected in your strength and take control of the situation. After all, your spiritual state is most expensive in the world.

Do not sit still. Since the cortisol hormone secreted by you requires active actions. Forward! Go to the fitness club. Sports, the best cure for stress.

The reason is fourth. Emotions.

Chewing movements relieve voltage. If you experience psychological discomfort, then a delicious meal that continues endlessly, as if it takes us away from problems. However, this is not so, returning to reality, you find that all the experiences have not gone away, and we start to eat again and again.

Solve problems in other ways, for example, lead a diary or discuss your experiences with a person you trust.

Before you eat too much, think about yourself whether you need extra pounds, thanks to which you will become clumsy, sleepy and unattractive.

Let your emotions break out. What is oppressing you: sadness, fatigue or rage? Want to cry? Cry. Scream? Shout. Or maybe you just want to speak out?  As soon as you establish a connection with your inner world, and will arrive in harmony with yourself, all this unnecessary need for overeating will disappear by itself.

Good luck!

Author: Natalia Konkova

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