Video surveillance systems for the apartment
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Video surveillance systems for the apartment

Video surveillance systems for the apartment

The video surveillance system at home is not set beyond large tasks. The main criteria that are taken into account when installing a video surveillance system in apartments are the small size of the cameras and their attractive appearance. As a rule, video surveillance systems for apartments are standard cameras that perfectly cope with their tasks in conditions of sufficient lighting. The DVR installed in a city apartment will allow video surveillance of the service personnel of the house, as well as monitor the safety of property in real time. The video surveillance systems in the apartment, as a rule, are two or four camcorders and one four-channel DVR, which performs an entry on a built-in hard drive and operates in triplex mode-viewing the archive, recording and current video image. It should be noted that access to the device is made using a home computer or laptop on a local network. The volume of the hard disk usually contains a video archive of 3-4 weeks. Many owners of video surveillance systems currently have the opportunity to access the video surveillance system for their apartment or house from anywhere in the world. In addition, along with viewing on the screen of a video of the video image, it is possible to video surveillance with a cell phone, thanks to GPRS/Edge.

Most companies use two types of standard chambers to equip home surveillance systems: Western and Cabinet chambers. Bright cameras are located in a dome, which has a neat appearance and is easy to wash. Cabinet chambers have compact dimensions and are attached on a small bracket. It should be noted that both of these options fit perfectly into the interior. To select a suitable video surveillance system for the home, it is best to contact specialists who will select a system corresponding to the specifics of your apartment or your home.

The installation of video surveillance systems in the office, which helps to improve labor discipline and fairly resolve controversial situations is also popular. Video surveillance is also simply necessary in rooms with increased safety requirements, for example, in such as accounting, reception or cash desk.

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