Vacation with a child vacation with a baby at sea with a small child on vacation with a child
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Vacation with a child vacation with a baby at sea with a small child on vacation with a child

Vacation with a child vacation with a baby at sea with a small child on vacation with a child

Vacation with the child

Summer, the time of vacations, how do you want to break out of the stuffy city, away from hot asphalt and enjoy the sea surf and affectionate sun. All that would be good, but now you are the mother of a charming baby, and if there is no one to leave him with, or your thoughts do not even think about it. The decision was made: we go to the whole family – dad, mom and baby. But here the question arises: on vacation with the baby how to conduct it correctly, what you need to take with you, how the baby adaptation will pass? Together with the site, a female paradise will conduct a little research on how to conduct a vacation with the baby so that everyone is satisfied with both you are adults and your baby.

Adaptation! There is nothing wrong with the fact that you want to give your child the best, even expensive vacation abroad. But, first of all, think if your vacation is limited to two weeks, and your baby is not yet 5 years old, whether he can adapt to new climatic conditions. Not to mention the fact that you will have to adapt to a sharp change in time zones. Small children experience a tremendous adaptive load, and it is possible that all your vacation will go on its overcoming. Therefore, with kids, it is best to limit yourself to local Crimean expanses, you here are the sea, the beach and various entertainment for children.

Where to go? I think this issue is solved in accordance with your tastes and addictions. Usually young children are very sensitive to the emotional state of their parents. And if dad and mom enjoy rest, if they are happy, then children will feel great. For example, a clean coast, a shallow sea, pools and playgrounds, all this provides a comfortable and interesting rest in Croatia for both children and adults. Unless of course the choice of vacation spot does not contradict the recommendations of the pediatrician. However, it happens that only medical recommendations refuse the only selection criterion. You taste rest in distant countries, but you have to be content with domestic sea beaches, because the child is shown Anapa mud. Of course, your child’s health is most important in the world and you choose Anapa, and do the right thing. Just do it fun and positive, not doomed. Have not forgotten, about the emotional mood of the parents, which is transmitted to children?

Preparation of the child! If for children under the age of 2 years, preparations for travel are limited to medical and sanitary-hygienic events, then you can and even talk about the upcoming trip with an older child. Typically, parents are disappointed with the child’s reaction for this statement: “We are going to Italy. It is very beautiful there and you will swim in the sea “. For a child at the age of 5, this is a completely normal reaction, since the word “Italy” and “sea” do not make any sense. But the word “beautiful” has a positive factor. In a word, the child understands, only that he will have to change the usual and cozy world to something unfamiliar. Therefore, you want to arouse the child’s interest in the trip? Before your trip to Italy, look with the baby cartoon about Chipolino or read a fairy tale about Pinocchio. Ask him, he would like to visit their homeland? Tell us about this country that trees with oranges are growing everywhere, that we can’t meet here anywhere. Before a trip to Greece or Egypt, tell him about the pyramids, read myths. This is important, then the journey for him will seem interesting and fascinating.

On the beach under the sun! Most of your vacation, you will probably spend on the territory of the hotel. And even if the hotel has a place for a children’s club with animators, you can’t remove responsibility for your baby’s leisure. For you this is happiness, not to rush anywhere and calmly devote yourself to communication with the child. A child over 4 years old will rather find himself on the beach of allies, but a child under 3 years old or a shy baby, it is better to help in choosing a friend. Close it to another baby, say hello, tell me what your name is, do not rush to leave. Take the kids with some game: drawings on wet sand, “pies” from sand, building sand castles. Believe me, kids like to communicate with each other.

Excursions! Children under 5 years of age to take the child outside the hotel, to some or excursions, there is no sense. But with older children you can already visit water parks, zoos, attractions and even museums. Be sure to discuss everything you saw with your child, be interested in his impressions and share your. Only then, the journey, on the preparation of which you spent so much strength and money, will benefit not only for the body, but also for the soul and mind. Because the worldview of a person, which is confirmed by any psychologist, is laid only in childhood.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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