To help workers in the construction industry and repair masters.
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To help workers in the construction industry and repair masters.

To help workers in the construction industry and repair masters.

Within the framework of the promotional program of projects, dedicated to the free placement of vacancies on our resource, we decided to pay attention to those who are looking for work in the construction industry or are stuck in an existing position and longing for an increase. In general, all industry specialists who are in thought about changing the workplace.

You are looking for a new job or try to take a closer look at other positions in your specialty, but you will not get a sufficient number of offers and responses? Do not rush to think that the labor market is empty or that you are not good enough for it. Perhaps it’s all about your resume. Create several versions of your resume and look for work with the ability to increase your experience and develop. Any specialist can grow to the manager, receive more and have a good career staircase. The main thing is your desire and effort.

If you have worked most of your life by the builder, but you are not happy with stagnation in raising, then you should start gaining the right experience to increase your position to higher positions. Perhaps you should learn something new in the framework of your profession, for example, communication skills for managing people in order to apply for the position of foreman, and then the project manager and so on. In your resume, indicate the skills of the work that you have to classify the desired position. For example, you worked all your life as a repair specialist, but you want something more and you are looking for the proposed options, finding a vacancy of a turnkey apartment repair. In your resume, you indicate that you worked for a long time as a repair specialist, but you have communication skills for other people to achieve a certain result. You have implemented a lot of projects and so on.

You can choose a new direction for yourself. For example, working all your life by a plumber, you are well versed in plumbing, so changing the profession can assume the transition to the position of a selling manager to the online plumbing store. Here, again, you will need the ability to sell and communicate, but if you wish, you can learn all this.

Create your resume to the position that you want to receive, and not just list your previous jobs. Желаем успешных поисков.

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