Tips for those who want to lose weight
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Tips for those who want to lose weight

Tips for those who want to lose weight

Extra pounds have soaked you so much that you decided to get rid of them. It is time for serious solutions and actions. And so that you easily start and continue this process, practical advice for everyone to lose weight gives the site female paradise.

The first advice. Start the process of losing weight right now. Many people like to postpone serious solutions, including the beginning of the process of losing weight: from tomorrow, from the first day, from Monday or with the beginning of the new year. Do not perceive your weight loss as a revolution – hunger strike, tough restrictions on food and exhausting training. Start small: limit the consumption of flour and sweets, have dinner an hour earlier than the same, start walking more on foot, make at least one step and the weight will begin to decline.

The second advice. Do not blame yourself in past mistakes. Even if these mistakes led you to excess weight, you should not engage in self -flagellation: “I myself am to blame, I ate all the pregnancy only cakes and now this is my punishment!””. Usually, all this ends with another portion of yummy in its own consolation. Remember! Excess weight is not fate, and you can change everything. Do not live in the past, so you close the way to the future. “It was and was, but now I’m eating right!””.

The third advice. Cross out negative phrases and thoughts. Such common phrases as: “I can’t do anything”, “I can’t”, “I have no willpower at all”. But with such a negative attitude you definitely can’t work out anything, since you program yourself in advance to failure. Of course it is not easy to lose weight, but only a positive mood will be your assistant in achieving positive results: “I can”, “I have willpower, and I will succeed”.

Fourth advice. Do not give in to provocations. Your body, however, as you yourself, tends to get used to everything, be it good or bad. But it is so arranged by nature that we get used to the good faster. Then why is proper nutrition and sport, changing your life, body and mood, it is so hard for you. Yes, because this is a kind of “broken” of the old way and after time, you will get used to it if you are persistent.  There may be provocations on the part of friends and relatives: “Oh, and why do you need it, you look so wonderful!””. And now you are rushing the most delicious in the world of mom’s pies with potatoes. How to resist? Believe it temporarily, very soon you will feel how your body, way of thinking and your whole lifestyle, you will be proud of yourself.  Do not give in!

The advice is fifth. Do not humiliate yourself. The fact that you are complete does not mean that bad. Perceive your life on a larger scale, and this is just a temporary segment. But after a while, imagine yourself slender and buried! At different stages of life you are different, and this must be perceived, put up with this and not humiliate yourself.

The sixth advice. Do not drift, act. Many women are afraid of not very pleasant results in losing weight: flabby muscles and skin, remaining tummy. Enter all stages into your weight loss process: be sure to play sports, this will help strengthen muscles and tighten the skin; Take care of your body with wraps and massage, which also perfectly affects the elasticity of the skin and get rid of cellulite; Proper and balanced nutrition to saturate the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals that contribute to improving the color of the skin and hair condition.

Seventh Council. Believe in yourself. Only a huge faith in itself runs miracles, it does not matter at the same time others believe in you. People will still discuss you, especially since they have already discussed your fullness. Another thing is how they will speak with respect about the resulting positive result. Believe in yourself, and what they say behind you, you should worry in the last turn.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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