Tips for gluing plastic
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Tips for gluing plastic

Tips for gluing plastic

Glue plastic may be a difficult task due to the smooth surface of the material. The best result will be obtained if you use the appropriate glue and correctly prepare the surface.

Glue should be marked for use on plastic. Before gluing, always check whether the pieces that you glue are combined, and if the extra piece has been lost. Glue works better if it is used at room temperature.

Plastic materials that have smooth or glossy surfaces should be pre -cleaned before gluing. Plastic surface cleaning the simple process of washing under water or cleaning with a damp cloth will turn on. After that, it is necessary to wipe the surface with a dry cloth and remove fragments of thread or fibers if they remain after drying. If you used any cleaners, then their particles or oils may remain on the surface, which will prevent the plasticity from gluing well.

Some plastic surfaces can be rubbed with sandpaper in order to give them roughness. Plastic with a rough surface faster and more reliably gluing. But before gluing after using sandpaper, you should not forget to wash off all the crumbs and the remains left on the surface.

PVC materials require the use of special adhesives. When working with PVC pipes, those that make NPP composite or other companies, contacting surfaces, you need to give roughness before gluing. Choose glue specially designed for PVC materials.

Different types of glue have different clutch time, so be sure to read on the package how many minutes or seconds you need to wait and how to apply glue correctly. In the process of waiting, the glued parts can be held together with your hands, the collected elements can be stuck together with clamps, tape or elastic bands. Flat plastic objects can be crushed by books.

Always read the label of any glue purchased and follow the safety instructions. There are non -toxic adhesives, but there are adhesives for plastic that require ventilation during operation. Стоит также использовать перчатки, чтобы клей не попал на ваши руки. Если клей попал на кожу, то можете использовать смесь жидкого мыла, воды и уксуса для снятия клея с пальцев.

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