The foundation and roof
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The foundation and roof

The foundation and roof

Work with the roof includes all the work that is related to the roof of the house, this is the first installation and permanent repair work.

If the primary installation of the roof is mainly performed by the specialists, then the current repair (to subtract somewhere, attach something, replace a piece of tile or skate) and with your own hands.

What is the first thing to look at when examining the roofs of your own house?

First, you need to perform a general inspection of the integrity of the roof coating both outside and in the middle (in the attic).

And after finding certain problems, start solving problems.

During the inspection, much attention should be paid to the integrity of skates, the places of connection of the tiles or slate, the points of installation of the roof and the house, the impermeability of the chimneys, the integrity of the communications.

About the foundation

Durable foundation – the key to a solid house. Its construction needs to be approached correctly, otherwise, after a few years, the dwelling will begin to collapse. It is important to make a good construction project, given not only the total weight of the walls and roof pie, but also the number of people living. The construction company should clearly comply with the technology for pouring the foundation and building the construction of the house. What to consider? Do not forget that the integrity of the base directly depends on the composition of the soil. Are there any floods in it and what freezing depth can be determined by the expert service and a good construction company. It is important to take into account the presence of groundwater, terrain and climatic conditions.

Based on these factors, the depth of the supporting structure is determined, its area. The load calculations on the base of the house are necessarily carried out: for each square centimeter no more than 2 kilograms. It is impossible to start building a foundation without calculations of the total weight of the cottage and the very foundation. To reduce the pressure on the soil, the supporting structure is made by a larger area. Soil freezing is an important factor in building the foundation of the house. The water that is in the ground freezes in winter, increases in volume. If the foundation is immersed to a small depth, then the soil will push it out, and the house will rise and crack at the seams. Build the basis of the foundation below the level of freezing. Many builders are convinced that the deeper the piles are, the more reliable. Однако это может ускорить разрушение здания.

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