The construction of garden arbors
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The construction of garden arbors

The construction of garden arbors

Rest outside the city can become more pleasant if it takes place in a cozy and comfortable gazebo. Such a structure can be intended for solitude or for pastime with family or friends. Depending on this, the design is planned, whether it will be open or contain elements that create the sensations of solitude.

There are various executions of arbors, they differ in size, functionality. It is desirable that all building elements on the site be made in the same style and the use of the same materials. Depending on this, you may need a garden gazebo, metal, brick or polycarbonate. Installation of structures can be carried out using hired specialists or independently.

Installation technology is relatively not complicated, the main thing is to take into account some nuances. You can improve the design and make it as comfortable as possible even for the cold season. For this, a warm floor is made in structures with glazing, but only if safe electrical wiring is carried out. To provide appropriate air circulation, special ventilation nets are installed.

The design of the gazebo can take various geometric forms with which you can form the required area, hiding the massiveness of the structure. There is a technical possibility of placing a zone inside the structure for the preparation of dishes on fire. To do this, there is a gazebo with barbecue and you can buy it from a company that is professionally engaged in the manufacture and installation of such structures.

With independent installation, you need to take into account the possible penetration of water inside. In this regard, the basis of the structure rises to the level of brick and is finished with waterproofing material, and the floor is built a little convex in the center. So that climatic precipitation does not linger on the roof, it must be done at an angle. As a roof, you can use materials such as cellular polycarbonate or bitumen tiles. When choosing any roofing material, its weight should be taken into account relative to the approximate weight of the structure. This is especially true for wooden structures.

A variety of materials from which arbors are constructed allows you to make a multifunctional and cozy place to make this structure for this structure.

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