Tell me you eat? Food and character
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Tell me you eat? Food and character

Tell me you eat? Food and character

Tell me you eat?

If you are on the threshold of a new relationship and want to, as you can quickly learn about this person, have lunch with him, yes, yes, that’s what! They say that addictions in food and drinks, in a certain way characterize a person. Therefore, the Women’s Paradise website advises you to arrange a couple of joint meals in order not only to find out what loves, to eat and drink your new friend, but also to learn something about his character. So tell me what you eat?

Vegetable lovers are very inquisitive and ambitious, diligent and diligent. These qualities, along with great energy, allow such people to succeed in their profession. In ordinary life, they are with a peaceful character, striving for harmonious relations. Vegetables are very valuable with their health, and therefore they should not abuse salt, it can cause stomach problems.

Berries and fruits love creative, slightly careless nature, which are not at all interested in career. But they are attentive and sensitive people who know how to be friends and have many friends. But unlike friendship, they are very restrained in relations with women, so if your new familiar fruit lover, and you really like him, you will have to take the initiative in your own hands.

Meat -eaters, of which the majority are very inconsistent and impulsive. They easily achieve success in work, but they can easily lose due to the fact that they could not realize their ideas, plans or agree with partners. Lovers of meat, you can avoid ups and downs if you listen to criticism and correctly learn from it.

Preference to fish and seafood are people withstand, calm and permanent in relation to life. These qualities cannot but arouse respect from others, you agree with me? In family life, these are very reliable people, but a little openness in relationships, they would not hurt them, because they very rarely express their opinion.

There are also “hot guys”, amateurs of a sharp one, they then have a burning temperament, love for adventures and a change of places. Such people need to choose the right profession, then they can make a good career, but the main drawback of “hot guys”, in the adamant of their judgments, since they do not suffer.

The admirers of fat and fatty foods are the most charming, mobile and agile people. But they are single by nature and it is difficult for them to work in the team, and they can achieve great heights by working alone. They are considered skilled in flirting and ladies’ saints. But sometimes in relations with women they are hindered by a lack of tact.

Well, lunch is over, now you can drink coffee. What coffee does he prefer?

Black without sugar. Such a man has a strong character and he is not at all afraid of responsibility for his actions.

Black with sugar. This is tight, in a word they are difficult to make decisions and constantly need friendly support.

Kapuccino adore sensory natures with a kind heart and an open soul.

Soluble and without sugar is the easiest to prepare coffee, so its lovers always go the shortest way to achieve any goal.

Soluble with sugar and milk is preferred by people with a complex character. They are subject to frequent mood change and easily excitable.

Coffee coffee, such harmless coffee is loved by people with a balanced character, very curious, with versatile interests.

Believe it, you want not, but check! But now you know, sitting down at the table with your young man, what you need to pay attention to and collecting information, you can find out something about his character.

Author: Natalia Konkova

The silhouette of a modern respectable man today consists of many details – a business suit, a fashionable shirt, a belt of a well -known brand, a tie, solid shoes, a leather cup and many other accessories, and of course, you guessed – these are male perfumes. Properly selected male perfumes, perfume, cologne or toilet water are able to increase the self -esteem of men, make them confident and more convincing in business. The male spirits of the molecule are beckoning, fascinating, not letting go, and can also turn a shy modest into a shy modest into a person who has been relaxed and savvy in matters.

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