System «warm floor»: advantages and disadvantages
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System «warm floor»: advantages and disadvantages

System «warm floor»: advantages and disadvantages

There are electric and water warm floors. In the first case, the heating of the room occurs using special cables and films. In the second case, using the pipes system in which the coolant circulation occurs. The electrical systems of underfloor heating have thermal controllers with a timer at which the required temperature is set. The system will turn off when the coating is heated to the desired temperature. Control of the heating of the water floors occurs due to the regulation of the temperature of the coolant.

System «warm floor» compatible with almost all known floor coverings. To make the work of the warm floor the most effective, it is best to use it under covers from ceramic or stone tiles. In this case, heating the coating and air above it will be more uniform.

Natural wood, laminate, villing coatings are good heat insulators, so most of the heat generated by the system «warm floor», will be absorbed by them. That is, the warm floor will be really warm.

Electric and water system «warm floor» Differ into the installation features. In the first case, freely lying electric cables are laid on a thermal insulation layer, they can be mounted directly for the flooring without additional preparation. In the second case, pipes for the water floor are also laid on a thermal insulation layer, and a screed is made on top.

The advantages of the system «warm floor»:

uniform heating of the floor;

more effective energy consumption for heating;

Water warm floor heats up for a long time, but also cools down for a long time;

Thanks to the thermal insulation layer, it is your room, and not the ceiling of the neighbors;

simplicity of installation and management;

the ability to use in rooms with high humidity.

Disadvantages of the system «warm floor»:

Water floor cannot be installed in city apartments;

As a result of installation, the level of finishing sex increases significantly;

The electricity fee increases;

Electric warm floor generates electromagnetic radiation;

Infrared warm floor cannot be installed in wet rooms.

But the pluses of the system «warm floor» more. The main thing is not only to choose the right type of heating, but also to set it up to it.

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