Spa basses-full of children of beauty and desires
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Spa basses-full of children of beauty and desires

Spa basses-full of children of beauty and desires

Real beauty fascinates, attracts like a magnet. Such beauty is the main dream of a girl, women. But it is not the result of only natural data and diligent care. Its basis is health. And with the health of the Russians, the Russians are not so simple: a long cold winter, dank autumn and spring, lack of sunlight take a lot of energy – here the body is not up to beauty, it fights for its safety.

Wait like flowers? This state of affairs does not suit us! How does not suit Americans for whom beauty and health are an absolute cult, passing into the world of success and popularity. Therefore, it was in the USA that the most advanced spa basins for home use were created to date.

Star beauties advise

For Russians, hydromassage pools are still in a novelty, however, among the stars of the film and show industry, the VIP Person spa treatments are an indispensable part of the Veauty Program. Indeed, with their rhythm of life and loads, it is impossible to do only cosmetics – no modern masks, procedures, creams will hide fatigue and ailment.

The magnificent Laysan Utyasheva, a TV presenter and an athlete, admits a special love for the spa. Anna Leglychilova, actress and director, opponent of plastic interventions and corrections, fell in love with SPA, passing the healing program in the Baltic states. And there are a lot of such examples.

Home SPA massage-WEAUTY program with one finger movement!

That they give special hydromassage procedures to the skin, body, health? How to return and enhance the radiance of youthful beauty?

Spa basins act simultaneously temperature and physically: the water-air stream gently and at the same time massages the body quite strongly, causing many effects:

The muscles relax, fatigue leaves, and with it the prerequisites and causes of stress – the main enemy of our beauty;

The effect on the skin instantly increases its tone, enhances blood circulation and metabolic processes, very effectively cleanses-the effect of active water procedures in the spa basin can be compared with deep peeling;

The constant use of the water-air basin is able to correct posture, increase joint mobility, reduce weight, normalizes pressure and general condition.

He perfectly suits you – for beauty, health and … love!

Difficult and amazingly simple in the use of SPA basins in the production of USA fully correspond to our weather conditions. They can be placed in the open air and not worry that with a frost -30 they will freeze or fail. Installation with very high -quality thermal insulation and electric heating allow you to take hot water massage even in winter, combining 3 conditions of eternal youth – heat, cold and water.

The pools of pools are made in a modern original design, you can choose both classic options and real art objects that will also decorate the garden, yard.

The volume of bowls is designed for several people (for each specific model it is indicated separately), there are special places for men and women, t.to. The principles of exposure are slightly different. The bed can be easily adjusted by setting up the situation according to its needs.

Bathing in such a bowl can become not only a healing procedure, but also a part of a fun party, the evening together. Many models are equipped with colorful backlight, fountains for a particularly pleasant, romantic bathing.

Moreover, there are models designed specifically for lovers and not just bathing … Massage in such bowls helps maintain and incite passion using only new body forces. Isn’t this the best recipe for youth and irresistible beauty?

But the main thing, of course, is a unique complex massage, which is regulated using a simple, understandable electronic menu. The touch control panel allows you to change the intensity of massage, direct the jets in the right direction, increase the amount of air in water, change the temperature and much more – it all depends on the selected model.

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