Something about the designs of the walls of wooden houses
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Something about the designs of the walls of wooden houses

Something about the designs of the walls of wooden houses

For the construction of the walls of modern wooden houses, several types of systems are used, which differ among themselves depending on the design. The use of certain types depends on the technological characteristics, as well as the individual features of each construction method.

So, the general public presents such types of structures as log house, walls from a beam or a frame house.

The most ancient way of building wooden houses is rightfully considered the way to use logging walls. It was also used by our ancestors and still retained its fame as a strong and reliable method. The architecture of Finland, Russia and even Sweden does not neglect the logging structure. Such houses are not only attractive, but also stable, as well as incredibly retain heat. Due to the fact that each detail is in the most accurate way to the next, the gaps between logs will not be able to find. By the way, a tree can be either in the form of a galinded log, and a trimmed timber. Some construction companies offer their customers at home whose walls are made by two -layer brings. This allows you to insulate the building even more.

Any wood has one significant feature – this is water absorption, that is, good hygroscopicity. Often, such a construction material as a log or a beam is subjected to drying in a natural way. And the Finnish technology provides an option when wood drying is produced in special cameras. Thus, they try to reduce the level of natural moisture in the tree, which is successfully achieved.

Glued beams are also dried in industrial conditions and is used to create the walls of the house. Such material is carried out as follows: thin boards are cut out of the large barrel, which then pass the stage of the drying, and then they glue with each other with special glue. Humidity in such a product is minimal (9-12%). Slinging is performed in order to reduce the internal voltage, as a result of which glued beam becomes very resistant to mechanical influences and shrinkage.

The construction of the house by frame type is considered the most long -standing. The wooden structure (frame) was insulated with either mixed clay or straw, and the walls themselves were treated with plaster or sheathed with boards. This method is suitable for the construction.

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