Smart House - an intellectual system for your home.
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Smart House – an intellectual system for your home.

Smart House – an intellectual system for your home.

Smart houses have long ceased to be a rarity. They first appeared in America around the seventies of the last century. These houses included the entire life support system, protection and so on in a single system. Management was carried out using a computer or control panel. The house in which there is an intellectual system can evaluate some situations and make decisions. One of the most common examples is the gas on the kitchen. Sensors capturing increased concentration are able to independently block its receipt and enable ventilation. Today, projects of such houses are made in such a way that all systems are in interaction with each other. A huge number of companies around the world are engaged in the construction of such systems, their improvement. If you often leave the house, you can install a special warning system that will constantly send SMS messages to a mobile phone or letter by e-mail, telling about the condition of the house. Of course, this is only a small part of what has been invented and implemented in this area. Technical progress is seven -mini steps, so today you can manage the house via the Internet. You can not only receive information about the state of the house online, but also view surveillance cameras, change the system settings or turn it off, and all this can be done in any corner of the planet where there is access to the Internet. In Russia, such houses are quite rare, but, despite the high cost of this system, its popularity is gaining momentum. In some cases, the presence of this system can not only facilitate, but also save human life.

Smart House – intellectual protection of your home. The level of comfort directly depends on the level of IQDOM with a similar system. It is difficult to imagine how many everyday tasks the house can perform on your own without resorting to human help. Do not think that such a system simply protects the house or site. She can perform a huge number of tasks. For example, feed fish and pets, water flowers and lawn, remove dust and dirt, include all the necessary light, climatic and other systems. The system of a smart house is aimed at the advance, so the smart house independently searches for all the malfunctions and, if possible, corrects them or notifies them about their presence.

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