Significant other. Who is he? How to find your soul mate? How to find a loved one? Where to find a loved one?
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Significant other. Who is he? How to find your soul mate? How to find a loved one? Where to find a loved one?

Significant other. Who is he? How to find your soul mate? How to find a loved one? Where to find a loved one?

Significant other. Who is he?

Where is he, the only? How to find a loved one? Where to looking for? Often, not only young girls ask themselves such questions, at any age we want women to be near their beloved, only, unique and loving man. Such is the nature of man that we need our soulmate.

In one book I came across a legend, which says that a person had long been a biennial creature. Strong and powerful, and did not need anything except power and therefore encroached on the power of the gods themselves. The Supreme God, angry with the self -will of man, divided him into two parts, the “man” and “woman” who are later doomed, wander around the world in search of his second half. But this is just a legend.

It is not worth arguing that people who have found their soul mate create the impression of a single harmonious union. But there is very little a chance of meeting your beloved in a densely populated world, intended for us by fate. So what to do? Desperate? Gulp? Or continue to stubbornly look for “your half”, which can go on and all life? Wait, I hasten to reassure you, not everything is as scary as you think!

The fact is that in the relationship of the couples in love, an important place is occupied not only by feelings (after all, feelings are only the beginning of love), but also the common interests, properties of character, education, cultural level. And if all this together lives in your pair, then your partner is the only and unique, and the half that you have been looking for so long.

When we choose a partner, then subconsciously, without knowing ourselves, we take into account not only the similarity of characters, inclinations and interests, but also what distinguishes us. After all, a man and a woman are two opposites that need each other, but not able to transform one into another. The main qualities of a man are assertiveness, prudence, authoritarianism, activity and businessiness. All these masculine qualities are complemented and balanced harmoniously, feminine softness, emotionality, humility, patience and dreaminess. So the roll call of all these qualities originates sympathy, which subsequently develops into love, love into love, and thus a “song” is composed, from which “you can’t throw words”.

Tatyana, 32 years old Personal history: “She never considered herself a beauty, although why not! I always had many fans, but something in these relations did not suit me, it is easier to say any of them I did not consider my soul mate. Yes, there was love, love, but for some reason I did not feel happy, something was still missing for me in a relationship. And then I met him, quite by accident. At first there were simple banal relationships, and then as if explosion, love, love, many common interests and something more (which is not amenable to description). It seemed to me that I could not “breathe” without him. We are so good together, even just to be near and be silent. I really found my soul mate. Now I’m married and we are raising my daughter. Now I can say: “I’m happy”.

Where to look? I would not advise you to turn searches into the idea “Fix”. As usual, the case of chance! Most importantly be sure of yourself, communicate more with friends, improve yourself and continue to live. With the advent of great interests, you have expanding the circle of friends and acquaintances, and in turn it is more successful to meet your soul mate. Do not be afraid, your heart will tell you!

Author: Natalia Konkova

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