Sex on the first date. To be or not to be
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Sex on the first date. To be or not to be

Sex on the first date. To be or not to be

For some reason, for some reason, the working day just flew by. You get home. Great mood. But the excitement still does not leave you. Yes! You have a first date today! You are in anticipation … A good vacation in a nightclub or an invitation to a restaurant, an entertainment center or just a walk along the embankment, flirting, … how your meeting ends?

Almost all melodramas and love novels convince that the most successful end of the first date is a romantic kiss.

But all the same, preparing for the first date, it is not clear why or just in case you choose the best underwear, epilize the bikini zone, choose the most charming perfume, mysteriously thinking: “Who knows, what if …” “”

So is it worth having sex on the first date?

If you ask our mothers and grandmothers, there will be a definite answer: “No. A decent girl cannot and should not sleep with a man on a first date “

But morals have changed. Now the world is so arranged that sex on the first date ceases to be something forbidden, terrible and terrible. And if this happens, do not feel dissolved. Of course, do not have sex, afraid to lose this man. This will not lead to anything good. And do not listen to the advice of girlfriends, really – you should make a decision only yourself. We are modern women, self -sufficient and independent, allow sexual intercourse before marriage, but rarely allow ourselves sex on the first date.

Men and women look differently at sex on the first date.

Alexey, 32 years old: “If sex happened on a first date, this does not mean that I will think about her, that she is a frivolous person. In my life there was a long relationship with the girls with whom sex on the first date “.

And no matter how beautiful and romantic your joint evening is, be sure you have every reason to refuse to continue it. There are many ways to answer “no” to a sentence on the first date. Refusing to sex, you fuel a man’s interest in his own person, since he will still want to know you better, and this is the right path to the next stage.

Irina 25 years old: “I have never had sex on the first date. I think that sex without love is of course possible and can be very good, but still I always liked to first learn a person closer, reveal him as a person, and not just perceive him as a sexual male. And the man, feeling that everything will not be so simple, lights up even more. And then sex will definitely be crazy “.

It is important to remember that it all depends on the situation and on a particular person. Well, if, this intimate continuation served as the termination of further relations, then think about whether it is worth rushing the events next time.

Lera 24 years old: “Men like to win. Interest quickly disappears to easily accessible young ladies. In addition, smart thoughts like: since I persuaded it so quickly, then another can. You can increase your assessment in the eyes of the opposite sex with your solid “no”.

If you have the desire to have sex both, and you decided to continue the evening in a more intimate setting, then let you not be tormented by remorse.

Tatyana, 26 years old: “Why not? If the partner is pretty to you. You are interested in each other. Why interest cannot smoothly bake into mutual passion? In adults, this happens, this is normal!””

Larisa, 31 years old: “If mutual sexual attraction occurs, I do not think. If you want pleasure, you need to receive it. All the same, I was used to being guided by my own desires, and not the desire to impress … Of course, there was sex on the first evening. Relations were different: they continued to meet, became intimate friends, just parted. No patterns …””

But, rushing “into the pool with the head”, you should never forget about elementary protective equipment.

In fact, this is not a secret at all, but scientifically confirmed and experienced by a proven fact: sex on the first date, as well as its absence, does not affect the probability of continuing relations in the future, nor their seriousness. But what men really value in women is the ability to be sincere in their feelings, natural in their actions and confident in their attractiveness.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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