Sectional gates
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Sectional gates

Sectional gates

Of all types of gate the most «Young» are sectional automatic gates installed both at industrial facilities and in private residential buildings. They are widely used recently and are distinguished by a stable design, increased safety, and the current mechanism does not produce excessive noise. In addition, such gates are made to order on an individual project, which provides for size, choice of automation and color scheme.

Industrial gates of this type have several advantages. They occupy a minimum of space, since the canvas rises up, which provides additional free territory. The sectional gates are hermetically close, easily installed and operated, differ in heat and electricity savings and aesthetic design.

The design and equipment of the collar of this type can be of several types: standard, gates with a gate or glazing, gates with glazing and a gate. Garage sectional and lifting industrial gates consist of sandwich panels corresponding to the opening in width and height and connected using special devices.

These devices are as follows: tracks along which the canvas moves is a torsion system that allows you to balance the weight of the gate so that you can open them manually, fixing parts connecting the canvas with the inside of the opening and canvas, sprouts, facilitating the operation of the electric drive or a person, compensating for the weight of the wings. In the industrial gate with a large mass, there is also a system of protection against falling when a cable break and spring malfunction.

The lifting sectional gates operate on the following principle: when the room opens, the gate canvas smoothly rises under the ceiling, thanks to special rollers. The sections that make the gate make it possible to occupy a minimum of space, since when lifting they are identical to the ceiling relief. Such gates can open manually or remotely.

Companies engaged in the production and sale of sectional gates offer various models, the price of which begins on average from 19,000 rubles without taking into account delivery and installation. In addition to ordering to order, you can purchase sectional gates of standard sizes.

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