Replacing enamel
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Replacing enamel

Replacing enamel

In the bath, a modern person should feel the same as an ancient Roman, for whom she was not a simple place of washing, but also a favorite place to relax. What could be better than relaxing in warm water, breathing in a pleasant smell of aromatic oils. And what could be more tiring than daily – to come, to see and defeat either dripping crane, then yellowed enamel. But what to do if the bathtub has long lost its original shine and aesthetic appearance, and the full or at least cosmetic repair of the bathroom is not yet affordable for you.

Buying a new bathroom is significant costs for dismantling, delivery and installation. Such a decision will require a lot of time and financial investments and, most likely, will turn into this repair. Most people understand this and, being not enthusiastic about such a perspective, prefer to postpone the replacement of the bathroom until better times. In the meantime, come to terms with scratches and yellowed enamel, against which even aunt Asya is already powerless. Unfortunately, these people do not know that there is a simpler solution – the restoration of enamel.

Firstly, such an option is very economical. The cost of services in different companies varies from 70 to 100 US dollars. The price depends on the quality of enamel and recovery technology. But even on the most expensive option, you will spend several times less than the purchase of a new bathroom. Secondly, you do not have to start repairing the bathroom, since there will be no dismantling and installation, and therefore a broken tile requiring replacement. Thirdly, baths with restored enamel can last from seven to fifteen years. In addition, you have the opportunity to update the interior of the bathroom by choosing any new enamel color you like.

However, in some cases, old enamel is not subject to restoration, and there is no other way out except to go to the nearest plumbing store. If the bath is deformed and has significant cracks, chips or other damage, then you will have to upset you – no company will take up its restoration. Although there are “craftsmen” who do not embarrass such “trifles”. But the quality of their work is always a big question. We advise you to contact specialists who will advise you on all questions of interest and will give professional advice.

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