Parting. Know how to part
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Parting. Know how to part

Parting. Know how to part

Alas, it happens … He stops calling you, avoids meetings with you, does not answer your calls. “Why? After all, everything was so beautiful!? What happened?”- You ask yourself these questions. Rarely, anyone has the courage to tell the partner that everything is over and we have time to part. But it would seem so simple to say that everything has passed, or you do not suit each other. After all, this is life, and there are bitter partings in it. Good if it happens mutually, but if not? What do girls go to to stop their beloved! Everything is used: blackmail, and the threat to commit suicide, and wild scandals, and imaginary pregnancy (this is the worst) … But we all remember about one wise proverb: “You won’t be forcibly sweet”. Then why all this, you just call yourself even more hostility, why do you need it?

Never try to keep your partner, it is bad to reflect, first of all, on you. It happens that parting is due to the passion for someone third. In this case, you need to explain to both in this case and the reasons for this misunderstanding can be eliminated if you stop communication for a while. A month or two separation can benefit you: you can calmly, without humiliating each other, weigh the pros and cons of your relationship all in your relationship. It often happens that after some time, lovers return to each other. But it happens that still the gap is inevitable. After all, human relations are so changeable and depend on circumstances, so do not swear in eternal love, and then reproach each other that he or she did not keep his promise.

Irina 25 years old; Personal story.

I forgot how to live without him. I dissolved in love, as in sulfuric acid. When he met another, my world collapsed.

Then I was in St. Petersburg, on a business trip, he called, said that everything … And before my eyes, as we collected chamomiles in the summer and kissed ..

Then she accused herself, somewhere she did not, she said something wrong. Then she smoked half-packs of cigarettes, there was nothing to breathe, went to the window in the hotel, the light hit the eyes, the people downstairs moved like in the cartoon, the street below was somehow unrealistically approached. The feeling of parallelism of the world around, it became very painful, in the chest a huge hole, to live unbearable.

Silence came. I realized that I am the fruit of my parents’ love. My mother wore me under my heart and dreamed of how I will go, I will smile at the sun, I will admire the rainbow, love, kiss my children. Then I was a small, pure girl dreamed of true love, until the end of the real, when both in trouble and joy … And now, I will kill this girl, kill, and nothing will come true ..

I realized that I will not do this. If this love wants to kill me, then it is not real, not the one I was waiting for. And a person is not mine, a stranger, but my half is looking for me, goes through my way. Cannot kill love, it must give birth, create.

And now, for almost a year now I have been working, I have been learning to live again as I lived before him. I am learning to rejoice at dawn, rains, people, as I rejoiced before him. I am learning to solve my problems alone, with friends, as before. Difficult, but I will not give up because I am worthy of the best, because my world is huge.

You need to live at least in order to see another sunset. Just withstand and then it will be easy. We rejoiced before all this, which means there will be joy ahead.

Do not perceive the parting as the resentment inflicted on you, or humiliation. Just let go! This is very difficult in emotionally, but still, try to do it. You will experience both depression, and a sense of repentance for your trusting. All this is natural, having survived the injury to you, you will come out of it more hardened and self -confident. In order to get distracted from bad thoughts, take yourself interesting, try to meet friends more often, find yourself a new hobby. Depression will pass over time, heals mental trauma: “Time heals”. Much of your life will change, and what was sad will seem to you ridiculous and ridiculous. And the failure that befell you in these relations will help you reassess values, becoming for you a school of self -improvement and self -affirmation.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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