Organic glass - material with excellent characteristics
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Organic glass – material with excellent characteristics

Organic glass – material with excellent characteristics

Orgasheklo (organic glass) is optical materials of high hardness, the basis of which are polystyrene, polyacrylate, polycarbonates and other organic polymers.

Orgagers is amenable to machining, polishing, engraving, etc. D. This material is quite universal, and is an excellent alternative to silicate glass. Among its advantages, it is necessary to emphasize lightness and high strength in comparison with ordinary glass. Also, importantly, organic glass is excellent heat – and soundproofing material. It misses light and has excellent optical characteristics. It is very convenient that plexiglass is resistant to atmospheric phenomena, and he can come up with any desired form.

In connection with the above qualities and characteristics, organic glass has found its application in many industries, among which aircraft industry, automotive, shipbuilding, as well as when creating greenhouses, greenhouses, as decorations, in the manufacture of instruments and tools, etc. D. Acrylic Orgeshens is widely used in advertising production.

Organic glass in advertising

Thanks to modern technologies, using laser equipment, many companies make advertising racks made of plexiglass. This area is extremely important, because this type of advertising simply cannot but notice. Properly located advertising racks will easily help the buyer when looking for the right product, because original racks are undoubtedly paid attention to.

In addition, the production of external and interior advertising has also recently begun organic glass and new technologies for creating effective advertising. In fact, there are many types of the most diverse external and interior advertising. These are exhibition stands that are used to familiarize visitors, and information stands that are used to display information in shopping centers and supermarkets, and office signs.

Unique material

In other words, organic glass, as well as products from it have recently been very popular in connection with their characteristics and advantages over other materials, because no material can boast of such significant indicators anymore.

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