Kuryezes of an online poker
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Kuryezes of an online poker

Kuryezes of an online poker

Once, one of the popular poker forums sounded a phrase that caused a stormy surge in discussions: “The online poker differs from the classical game at the table not only because you don’t have a tuxedo, but there is no lady next to you in an evening dress and diamonds. There is no way to joke in it. Do something so that the game is remembered not only. Opponents of this version that the pleasure of the online poker is not at all that they immediately started from the “living” and rushed to remember when the game in the Rum was no less shocking than “in real life”. The supporters were skeptical. But in fact, it only seems that online poker is a purely individual, strict, designed game for contesting minds. And that in the network space there is not the slightest chance for curious, funny cases, which you can then laugh at friends in the kitchen or colleagues at work. As it is! And there are many cases of such ones, simply not everyone is ready to share his innermost details on the Internet spaces.

A solid win

Once, about ten years ago, when all kinds of dating sites had just begun active work, a bearded joke wandered among the poker players. The son comes to his father and reports that he wants to bring his girlfriend to the slaughter, that is, to get to know his parents. And dad asks:

– Son, how did you meet your girlfriend?

– On the Internet, dad, on the site.

– Here are the times, here are the morals! -the older generation exclaims,-Yes, at least you thought about something when you talked with someone, it is not clear who, on the Internet? What if it’s some kind of fraudster? And suddenly this is not a girl at all, but a man is a bearded, and he would have sat there, on the other end of the wire, laughed at you? But what if…

– Dad, enough already. You better tell me how you met your mom yourself?

– Like a normal person, my friend lost her in poker!

Jokes jokes, but the share of truth is also. A few years ago this was exactly what happened, and the story is completely real. Two friends were sitting in Rum, let’s call them Misha and Pasha. Pasha was the player fading, a little arrogant, but stubborn to the limit. The session did not set right away, failures went from the first table. But Pasha only raised it, and he decided to feel good luck to the last. After a couple of hours, I had to ask Misha to borrow money to continue, there were no more left. Misha politely clarified whether it was time to end it, once the evening did not ask. To which Pasha explained that he had already managed to seize the money that he put off on a New Year’s gift to his girlfriend, and he urgently needs to recoup, so as not to look stupid. Misha, the nature is very romantic, took this news peculiarly. For him, such escapades in poker were incomprehensible. Game game, but not turning it into some mania, for which the rest of the life is sacrificed? This is no longer professionalism or sport, but some kind of obsession. Therefore, he offered jokes for the sake of lending to money, but with two conditions: they play at the same table, and if Pasha does not pick up himself, the game will imagine demonstratively, and Misha will win, then he takes Pashina a girl. In general, already two Mikhailovich is growing up. And about that case in the family they remember only at the other table – at the New Year, for champagne.

Lost – bathed

And who would have thought, in the Holy Place of the planet, in the ancient city of Jerusalem there was a completely egregious case. On the street, in front of thousands of pilgrims, he fled, cheerfully boiling his knees, a completely naked young man. The police were in a state of deaf stupor for five minutes, and then reacted. The hooligan was promptly landed, covered them, they politely apologized to the stunned tourists, and the malicious offender was strictly interrogated: for what kind of tomato he arranged all this disgrace during the mass rally of the pilgrims? Well, you, my friend, shame the image of the Motherland in the eyes of tourists? To which the young man, a little embarrassed, explained that it was in the evening, there was nothing to do, played with friends in online poker, and the one who was blown first was prepared for such a cruel fate: to undress to the image of Adam on the eve of the fall and make a march -broke on a tourist route to the very dead sea. Swim in hyper -legged water and go back. To the sea, of course, the poor fellow was not allowed, but they did not even more. Доставили домой, сдали с рук на руки родителям, а историю эту все-таки под шумок газетчикам рассказали, хотя, будучи людьми приличными, имен не раскрывали. Or, as usual, in a fever of events they forgot to simply ask how the Goloshtanniy Runner was called.

However, the moral of this fable (and the previous one) is as follows: learn to play poker so as not to lose! Fortunately, in this game there is no question of good luck on the agenda, it all depends only on personal skills, sport is sport. Or learn to lose without loss, at least without such serious!

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