Камин в доме - это и тепло, и уют и даже экзотика
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Камин в доме – это и тепло, и уют и даже экзотика

Камин в доме – это и тепло, и уют и даже экзотика

Естественный камин, с настоящим живым огоньком, тлеющими углями. From such a description, as usual, it begins to smell of antiquity, it is associated with mysterious ghost houses from well -known classical novels. But, nevertheless, today a real fireplace is a completely solved task. Most rural houses are mainly heated by the so -called closed stoves. Build a real fireplace, with open fire, the work is not as time -consuming as complex, specific, which requires knowledge, skills and practical skills. Indeed, in the fireplace, the main thing is that the master knew and knows how to construct the fireplace so that the heat does not run away into the chimney, but that the fireplace is quickly heated and that there are no large costs of fuel material. In other words, you need a clear calculation of the efficiency, the efficiency of the fireplace. No need to forget that the fireplace is an open fire in the house. Therefore, fire safety fire safety pays special attention. This requires not only knowledge, but also practice. And not every ordinary master has such knowledge, but, as they say, only experienced stoves. And the construction of the fireplace itself is a matter of several days.

Material for building fireplaces, of course, is not discussed. This is a fireproof brick or stone. As a solution for the furnace, the most stable for open fire is used – this is a solution of refractory red or white clay, or other modern refractory construction solution. You can cover the firebox of the fireplace with different material, and ordinary bricks, or gyumosobloks. The entire area of ​​the furnace is covered with a layer of clay, which will be a good heat -conducted material and protecting the fireplace from cracking. The furnace coating is laid on a layer of clay, on an ordinary cement solution with the addition of a plasticizer, to give a solution of plasticity and elasticity. Some masters add ordinary salt to such a solution, from the rate of 1 kg of salt per bucket of solution.

Between the firebox and wooden parts of the house, it is necessary to lay a layer of refractory material. For the third layer of fireplace, so to speak, for its cladding, both ceramic, or stone tiles, and stone, tiles, and marble can be used. For chimneys and transitions, mainly asbestos or ceramic pipes are used, which also need to be covered with thermal insulation material from all wooden buildings in the house.

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