Is the right time to sell an apartment?
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Is the right time to sell an apartment?

Is the right time to sell an apartment?

Good question. It all depends on what real estate you decide to sell and to whom. It is necessary to determine whether your property has value as a place for rent or for housing. And what type of person will want to buy your real estate and why. Answers to these questions will give you the opportunity to decide on the time of sale.

As a rule, the best time to sell an investment apartment during an increase in the demand for rent to the city. This means that rental prices will rise by creating a more attractive profitability for buyers. Usually, during a 12-month cycle, we can expect an increase in the demand for renting tourists to the city or students’ enters to universities in months. Buyers of apartments for subsequent rent can also think about it in advance so as not to fall under the influx of prices, but you should still take into account the type of your buyer. The more profitable your apartment is for rent, the more expensive you can sell it to this type of buyer.

Evaluate the type of your apartment and why it is better suited and offer it as this option, thereby you can increase the price for it. In other words, in a number of situations your apartment will buy a family with children for a lot of money than an investor who wants to lease it. So, for the first type of buyers, the balcony and parking will have an additional plus for which they will be ready to pay extra, and for the second type of buyers – these obvious advantages may not be of particular importance. For most buyers of the second type, the location is more important.

It’s good if your apartment has a good look and is in a good place when to sell it? Almost at any time, but you may have to bargain and look for customers for a certain period of time in order to make a better deal. While you are waiting, you can prepare your apartment. A well -presented apartment will attract more buyers. For example, a family who will be ready to buy your apartment will be able to pay the amount you request for it if it understands that the interior decoration is suitable for them without forced repair before entering new housing. If the client understands that housing will need additional repairs, before entering or before renting an apartment, then he will want to reduce the price in order to compensate for expenses.

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