Independent installation of air conditioners
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Independent installation of air conditioners

Independent installation of air conditioners

Before installing the air conditioning, it is necessary to carefully inspect the installation site. Air conditioning is one of the most important things in household, office and other areas. This element of the arrangement of the room is widespread in the world. There are many sites where various models of air conditioners are presented.

The latest achievements in science and technology helps us use the services of high -quality air conditioners. And it is extremely necessary to know for what purpose the air conditioning is needed, and later the model you need is already selected from the accounting of what it is intended for.

There are several types of air conditioners, channel, precision, roof, etc. D. Such a number of air conditioners is explained by several factors such as economical, the cost of equipment. No need to make serious efforts to install equipment, but it is necessary to observe an external aesthetic form that is combined with the interior of the room, especially if you buy an air conditioner for the house.

During installation work during the installation of air conditioners, the master must have skills and experience in installing this type of equipment. An important condition for the installation of this equipment is the installation site. Where the air conditioning will be installed, there should be an air circulation. Also, do not carry out installation work in places of direct light hit.

Before starting work, it is necessary to make strokes and drill through the through holes in the place where the air conditioner will be put. To drill these holes, you need to use a perforator. In its absence, you can use a chisel and a hammer . After this operation, it is necessary to attach the air conditioner module to all four drilled holes. To reduce vibration during the air conditioner, it is necessary to install rubber gaskets that will be located between the paws of the air conditioner and the brackets.

Another stage in the installation of the air conditioner is pruning on the initial size of the pipeline. When performing this work, you need to use a pipeline, since the use of a hacksaw is not possible. At the beginning of the pipe cutting with a hacksaw, there is a likelihood of chips entering the pipeline. After which there is a collapse of the connecting pipes, using special devices. At the end of the work, the pipeline is connected to the pipes of the internal unit of the equipment.

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