How to note Christmas in Suzdal 2016
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How to note Christmas in Suzdal 2016

How to note Christmas in Suzdal 2016

Tired of salads and guests exploding firecrackers on your carpet? There is no snow again and the New Year’s mood does not come? Why not combine the celebration and a small journey! You can celebrate the New Year 2016 in a romantic and fabulous Suzdal. At your service, amazing Russian architecture, traditional winter entertainment, and most importantly – a festive mood.

How much is a fairy tale?

In fact, you can find services for every taste. It all depends on your desire to have fun yourself. There are a lot of proposals from mini-hotels with the program. In the standard set of services enters:

placement and meeting, a transfer is possible by agreement;

food, including a festive table;

children’s entertainment program;

New Year’s Eve meeting;

sledding, inspection of attractions;

Sports equipment rental (usually walking skiing);

Bath and sauna, as well as barbecue or barbecue at the request of guests

The option with a mini-hotel is convenient for those who do not want to independently organize excursions and book accommodation in this intense period. Стоимость варьируется в диапазоне от 17000 до 35 000 российских рублей, при разных условиях комфортности проживания.

You can book a room at a hotel or mini-hotel using reservation sites. The cost varies from 1800 to 3500 rubles per night. Here it is worth planning in advance what you will do on New Year’s Eve. The option will be good if you do not travel with young children, and all participants in the trip can visit night festivities.

The fashionable “Nicolas” and the four -star “Pushkar Sloboda” also offer their guests special entertainment, and baths, and even spa. True, without Russian color, but a bathhouse for you will always be there.

Fans of a complex approach and discounts can look for the offers “New Year’s Eve at the price of a weekday” on hotel sites. In connection with the current economic situation, many hotels in the middle price category are ready to settle you for modest money.

Council for economical: look for coupons to meet the New Year on local domonators sites. Скидки могут быть весьма существенными, и позволят вам сэкономить деньги. No one has canceled the discounts and special offers of early reservation sites, register on them, and you will receive the necessary information by mail in the selected areas.

We celebrate the New Year ourselves

The program of independent entertainment is not much different from your usual city day. But do you have a snow-covered snow-covered snow, wonderful, as if they had come down from the paintings of ancient masters, and typical Russian houses? A completely different atmosphere is the key to a good mood. And on the days after the New Year it will be possible to go on an excursion, and ride a sleigh.

Well, saving lovers can be advised to just rent a house or apartment on New Year’s Eve. Thematic sites also offer such services. Of course, you will have to cook yourself, but many claim that this is a more economical option, and entertainment can be chosen to your taste.

Совет: Любители истории получат истинное удовольствие от посещения Свято-Васильевского монастыря. This is an ancient complex that was visited on Suzdal land to the Equal -to -the -Apostles Prince Vladimir. Immediately behind the monastery there is Vasilievskaya Street – a real monument of household Russian architecture. Huts and houses, carved platbands and “skates” – the flavor of the Russian village is provided to you. And you simply cannot avoid visiting the shopping rows – there are not only architectural monuments, but also concentrated the whole modern life of Suzdal.

Restaurants and Cafe Suzdal

The most expensive and exquisite option is a refectory in the Suzdal Kremlin. You can find contacts of the institution and book a table at least for New Year’s Eve. Numerous dishes of Russian cuisine are presented, entertainment is usually also with Slavic color.

Restaurant with average Moscow prices – Russian restaurant – offers a choice not only from meat dishes and soups, but also numerous pancakes, pies, and other types of traditional baking. Almost everywhere in Suzdal you can taste meads – a traditional alcoholic drink. В меню присутствует и горячий сбитень.

Бронирование на новогоднюю ночь возможно по договоренности, найдите контакты онлайн, и действуйте, не откладывая.

Куда отправиться в Суздале с детьми

С детьми обычно предлагают два варианта:

самостоятельно купить билет на городскую елку, и провести отпрысков по всем экскурсионным местам;

присоединиться к праздничной программе в мини-отеле или гостинице, где есть детская анимация

Конечно, каждый выбирает на свой вкус и кошелек, и в зависимости от интересов.

Новый год в Суздале станет незабываемым, если распланировать свой отдых. Приехать можно до Владимира железной дорогой, и до Суздаля на такси, а можно и на автомобиле, если вас не пугают трезвые выходные.

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